Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 1 of Fall Break

Honestly, this fall break concept is one of the greatest...as the weeks going on I am loving it more and more!

Yesterday I slept in. I am not the only one who enjoys me being able to sleep in! He sleeps right next to me every single night!

When I woke up I worked on my Bible study and spent some extra time journaling and praying.  I promised myself that I would make God a priority to start my day each day this week. I'll probably share more on that later. Then the of the morning was spent doing laundry and picking up our very messy apartment. I don't know how it gets so messy, it's like some invisible being follows me and makes little piles of stuff all over our apartment. I know I certainly don't make all these messes! ;-) It's finally clean though so I am very relieved. It always reminds me how thankful I am to be married to a patient man who deals with my messiness.

In the afternoon I went and got a haircut.  I found a coupon and was bored so I decided why not try out the new look I had been considering. I love how it turned out!  I feel like I finally have a style again...especially after that one girl did such a bad job a few months ago.  I feel like a new person, it's amazing how a good haircut can make you feel!

In the evening I went to my Bible Study. I was on kid duty that night so helped out with one of the kids Bible Study rooms.  So not to go off on a tangent but I was absolutely appalled at how disrespectful the kids were. I mean I get that they're all God's children and I should love them all like He does but this just wasn't possible last night. Whenever the teacher wasn't looking they were doing things behind her back.  There was some serious eye rolling, whining at the teacher, lots and lots of unnecessary interruptions and just plain rudeness. And I consider myself to be a kid lover! Needless to say I was pretty disappointed in what I saw and am now even more thankful to all the teachers out there who spend their lives trying to better the lives of these kids.  What has the world come to?

On a  lighter note, it was fun coming home and not having to go straight to bed like normal. Jason and I stayed up and watched a movie.  I love being able to stay up later than 8:30/9:00!

Save YOUR Boobies!

It's October which means everything is pink pink pink!!  As if you can't already tell, it's Breast Cancer Awareness month!  In the past year I have learned about 4 friends from past jobs who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, two of them losing their battle. Hearing about this, I have been really motivated to check myself and never miss a month.


According to the American Cancer Society...
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States, other than skin cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer.
  • The chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer some time during her life is about 1 in 8. The chance of dying from breast cancer is about 1 in 36.
  •  Breast cancer death rates have been going down. This is probably the result of finding the cancer earlier and better treatment. Right now there are more than 2.9 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

Here's what you should know...
  • Yearly mammograms are recommended starting at age 40 and continuing for as long as a woman is in good health
  • Clinical breast exam (CBE) about every 3 years for women in their 20s and 30s and every year for women 40 and over
  • Women should know how their breasts normally look and feel and report any breast change promptly to their health care provider. Breast self-exam (BSE) is an option for women starting in their 20s.

Some women – because of their family history, a genetic tendency, or certain other factors – should be screened with MRI in addition to mammograms. (The number of women who fall into this category is small: less than 2% of all the women in the US.) Talk with your doctor about your history and whether you should have additional tests at an earlier age.


What I have done to remind myself is I stick one of those shower hanger things (pictured above)  in my box of tampons.  That reminds me when I get my period to go hang it up in the shower and once my periods over, I'll be reminded to do the breast self exam. What can you think of to remind yourself to do your own exams?  If you're over the age of 40, when was your last mammogram?  Ladies, don't wait, you owe it to yourself to get checked! If I haven't convinced you...follow along on one of my friend's journey as she blogs here.  Sue is an amazing young women who is fighting her own battle and has decided to invite you into her journey.  Please read along and add her to your prayers!  Love to each of you!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Got My Colordao Teaching License!!

I got my Colorado Teaching Licence!  This is exciting news because when I first looked into getting licensed here I was told it would take 9-12 months before I received it. I flew here last January to take my certification test and then in March I felt I heard God tell me to pursue a teacher aide position instead of a teaching job. After getting a job as an aide, I didn't feel much pressure to get my info submitted for my license but then the past few months I had been putting it off and putting it off and then finally after scanning every single form imaginable  all my college transcripts, getting fingerprinted, paying a lot of money I finally had it all submitted. I wasn't expecting to receive the licence for at least 3-6 months, so was shocked to receive it in the mail last week!  Though I have no plans to search or apply for any positions this year it is such a relief to have the certificate in hand.  Not only did I have to get certified in Illinois but I had to go through all the hoops to get certified here in Colorado. So glad to have the licence and know I can be a teacher when the time comes!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Song - 10,000 Reasons

One of my fellow bloggers used to always do a "Sunday Song" and I have always loved the idea!  So much that I asked her if I could copy and do the same thing.  Thanks Teresa for saying yes!  

10,000 Reasons  -- by Matt Redman

This song reminds me of the last service we attended at our Chicago church, Willow Creek.  Every time I hear this song I miss home so much but am moved in some way, reminded of God's constant hand on me as we continue to venture through this transition. When we sing it at our new church I turn into a slobbery crying mess.  Love it and love the reminder that I am not in this alone, God is on my side.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dog Outting

Today Jason and I went to check out a new dog park.  We've known about it for months but haven't actually been there so today was the day.  I was glad to find something "new" to do because I am feeling a little homesick this weekend...more like friend-sick.  Is that even a word?  If not, I'm making it one.  Last night we went to a restaurant for dinner that reminded me a lot of a mall back home and everyone there seemed to be in a big group of friends and having fun. I miss that type of friendship where you just get together and laugh and are comfortable and can just "be" and not have to be "on" or try in any kind of way.  Living here I feel the farthest thing from that right now.

So while trying to be positive I realize there's still plenty of new, which I love so we did that today.  Cooper had fun exploring his new dog park.  It's an opens pace so we were able to walk a little and take in the sun and cooler temps.  Cooper met some new friends and got to run and run and run.  And Jason and I got in some quality time together.

Ahhhh Fall Break

Another reason I am falling more in love with the state of Colorado is that schools get "Fall Break."  It's like Spring Break but in the fall.  What a brilliant idea!  And it's not even connected with Thanksgiving which I would think would be the most sensible!  (We actually get Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week off!)  It's not so good since I don't get paid for any of these days but I am going to enjoy the break anyway!  On my to-do list this week is first and foremost to sleep in past 5:00 every morning and catch up on my sleep. I'll also probably get some cleaning in, a little extra time at the dog park with Cooper, read a good book, catch up on Ellen, go shopping, maybe get a pedicure and try to get a timeline set up for my therapeutic horse back riding instructor certification.  Oh Fall Break how I love thee...and will thee even more when I'm a teacher and will still get a paycheck for these days. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Real Snowfall!

We had our first real snowfall of the season last night. We got about 2 inches and its so pretty! I just love snow and Cooper loves it too. I don't have any pictures of Cooper yet because Jason took him out last night and this morning but Jason said he had a blast! We're expected to get more tonight but then it'll be back in the 50's and 60's with sun next week. Look forward to warmer temperatures but love all the white now!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Big Night!

Jason and I had a big night tonight! It began with us voting for our next president. Pretty sure our votes just canceled each other out. Then we went and rented my ski equipment for the season. :) Just in time for the season to kick off with A Basin and Loveland already open, I am all set to kick off the year. Lets go!

On Trick-or-Treaters

I've never experienced having trick-or-treaters at my house...ever.  I grew up on a dead-end, unincorporated street with no neighbors so for the one trick-or-treater we did get, I generally had to hide and pretend no one was home. (My parents both worked out of the home so I was usually the only one home at that time.)

After moving out of my parents house, I lived in Chicago where trick-or-treating doesn't happen door-to-door so after 33 years of waiting, I am finally able to hand out candy this year!  I've been thinking about it for  the past 2 months now and how excited I was to actually be able to distribute candy and see all the cute little costumes!  I did a little research and learned that our apartment complex has it set up that if you want to participate you can get a bag (or something of the sort) from the main office to display outside so kids will know to knock and we'll deliver them candy.  So pumped!

Well tonight I went to Wal-Mart to get the candy and oh my gosh was it overwhelming!!  So overwhelming in fact that after about 10 minutes going up and down the aisle 15 times, I left without any candy.  First off, when the heck did bags of little miniature pieces of candy get so expensive!?  It was like $7.50 a bag!!  And second off how am I supposed to decide what every kids favorite piece of candy is?  I don't want to be one of those people who gives bad candy or those icky wax liquid things. Plus, after discovering the cost of the candy there's no way I want to give more than one "fun-sized" piece of candy to each kid! So I ask...what do all the cool kids want for candy?  Growing up, I didn't like chocolate so liked all the chewy candy and suckers but I know I wasn't the norm, so is chocolate the way to go?  This has become way more stressful than I'd have ever imagined it to be!  I'd love some guidance on this as I would really like my first Halloween trick-or-treating experience to go as well as possible. Who would have thought this could ever be so difficult, confusing and expensive!?

Monday, October 22, 2012


I started serving yesterday at our new church.  I used to help out in the "Connections Desk" at my old church and also served as a greeter and loved both so I figured it was a good place to start at my new church.  I did serve once in their special needs room which I would have thought would have be a good fit for me but for this time in my life I don't really felt led to do that on the weekends.  I am super excited to help our church in the "Welcome Center" as they call it.   I have so much to learn about the church, heck I still don't really know much about the area the church is in or anything else about Colorado but I still had a lot of fun doing it.  I hope to learn quickly and be able to serve pretty regularly. :)  If nothing else I hope to help others feel welcome like I needed when I moved here and was church shopping!

My Hatred of Wind

I hate wind. Have I said that before? I just hate it.  Living in Chicago where it's the Windy City which by the way, if you didn't know, Chicago nickname of "The Windy City" didn't originate because of the wind...Google it if you don't believe me.  But as I was saying it truly was windy all the time, especially along the lake!  And there it was just awful because it was always cold so wind and cold made for brutal winters, especially downtown between buildings or along the lake where sometimes it would almost push you over!  But just you average strong wind makes me so mad.  It makes my hair blow, so I can't see and then it's so tangled I can't get a comb through it without half my head of hair coming out. It makes me so mad! Is there a reason I should ever be thankful for the wind?  I know it helps seeds spread but other than that it just makes me crabby and gets my car super dusty/dirty.  Am I alone in this hatred?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Quiet Time with God

Through my Bible study and at last weeks sermon I got the prompting that I needed to spend some quality time with God.  I was planning on fasting and had consulted my friend, Michelle, who does that often and gave me some resources but when Saturday rolled around I was pretty sick so didn't think fasting would be in my best interest   Instead I went to an area in nature where I could journal and pray and read the Word.  I decided to bring Cooper though because of the murder of Jessica Ridgeway. Long story short, the abductor is still out there and they think he may have attacked two other women my age back in 2010, so I wasn't going to take any chances.

We drove out to Littleton and found a trail to hike. After about 3/4 of a mile I sat down and spent some time in prayer and in the Word.  Once I was done I finished the hike thinking it was only another 1/2 mile or so but later learned it was about a mile. It was so pretty!  Cooper was born to hike, didn't need to be on a leash and just kept on the path.

I thought I would really hear from God but I don't think I really did.  I am going to spend a lot less time on Facebook - that  seemed to be all I got, and more about the house hunt that I don't seem ready to let go of! I am not even on Facebook that much anymore but feel like I'm on it enough, so cutting that out.  I also really enjoyed just being in nature despite being sick.  While sitting and just being I got to hear a bird sing to me and then later noticed some ants that were crawling at my feet.  Two really small things but things we take for granted. The path was gorgeous and I'm excited to go back with Jason.

Cooper blends in this one! 

I plan to do this again soon. I need to find a place that's secluded enough for me to get deep in the Word but also that's safe.  I'm on a mission to find it and also look forward to fasting soon.  In the right time and with His promptings I am ready for it.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

Linking up with Lauren for Fill in the Blank Fridays! 
Happy Friday! I am so glad it's Friday!  I kicked off the week with a super high being in Illinois for a long weekend.  Going back to work on Tuesday without much of a break made for a long wekek, plus work was a little more stressful than normal, then me getting sick on top of all that didn't help.  I'm ready for the weekend!  Tonight Jason and I plan to watch a movie so I can go to bed early.  Tomorrow I hope to spend the day in God's Word possibly fasting...if not with food, definetly with Facebook, my phone and all other electronics.  Sunday I serve for the first time in the Welcome Center and plan to do some fall-ish activity, maybe cook some soup or something?  WHat are you up to this weekend?  Hope it's great!
1. One thing I plan on doing to relax this weekend is  get some sleep and get rid of this sickness. I hate being sick but have managed to go a whole 2 months working at a school before catching anything so I guess I can't really complain!  Really looking forward to some quiet time with God this weekend and some quality cuddle time with Jason, it's been a really busy 3 weeks  .

2. A big pet peeve of mine is    when people leave their turn signal on when they're driving around an on/off ramp.  Drives me nuts!    .

3. I am really loving   the weather here.  I have said this before but we were told that CO is good for changing seasons and right now I am actually experiencing fall!  It's been sunny every day and cooler temps and I love it!  Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the upper 70's and sunny.  It's just crazy but I'm enjoying it  .

4. The rain is     something I miss.  We have had a drought here this year and going from typical dreary Chicago weather to it never ever being a lazy Saturday or Sunday makes me miss home.  But as I just said in #3 I can't really complain with how gorgeous it's been. Plus with me being sick I don't really need an excuse to get all lazy, I just get to be :)  .

5. My favorite girly indulgence is   definitely nail polishes, the newest and trendiest colors of the season. Huge fan of Essie...that said I love manicures and pedicures! I could get a manicure every week and a pedicure every other week.  Love them! .

6. A song I always get stuck in my head is   "Weeee are never ever ever getting back together!  Weeee are never, ever, ever....".

7. The best cure for stress is  going for a run...something I haven't done in a long long time  .

Kaitlyn's Baptism Weekend in Illinois

This past weekend was amazing and just what I needed!  I feel so filled up!

We went back to Illinois for my niece's baptism.  Besides Jason being asked to be the Godfather, we had to be there for her special day!  We got to Illinois on Friday night.  My parents picked us up and then we went to Portillos for a very late night dinner.  Mmmm it is so good!  We spent the night at my grandma's since she loves to have the company.  We stayed up sipping wine and chatting until almost 1:00 in the morning.  (yes she is almost 90!)

Saturday I spent most of the day with my mom but when we woke up we headed to my brothers house to see him and the girls.  I've only met Kaitlyn once since she was born and (obviously) in 4 months she has changed a lot!  I got in almost a couple hours of snuggle time with her and playtime with Kaylee while Jason ran a few errands to help my brother for the party on Sunday.  After my brothers my mom and I got manicures then met Jason and my dad out for Giordanos (and I got a 312 beer.) Both were delicious! After lunch my dad and Jason went shopping for a new computer for my dad while my mom and I went on a hunt for new shoes and a few other shopping adventures. My mom and I got some good quality time in together. We all met up again to get Starbucks like my mom and I love to do when we're together. After coffee Jason and I headed to Willow Creek (S. Barrington) for church.  It was the 37th anniversary so had an extra kick and was just amazing.  I loved everything about the service!  My friend, Lauran, was able to meet up with us at church and it was her first Willow experience and she loved it.  Secretly hoping she gets involved there since I'm not able to anymore! :)  After church we hung out a little while eating desserts for the anniversary celebrating that the church was hosting.  Definitely not enough time spent with Lauran but was so good to get a hug from her!  That night we went back to my grandma's and my aunt came which brought more laughs and a super good time of fellowship with the four of us.

Sunday morning was my niece's baptism which was the reason we went home.  Jason was the godfather which made me smile so big.  It's a pretty big deal in our family to be a godmother or godfather so it made me smile to know he is in on that tradition with my brothers family.  We went to the baptism at church then went to my brother and sister-in-laws house for a celebration.  They prepared tons of delicious food and we got to chat with everyone and catch up.  I was completely off guard when everyone went to leave and got overly emotional when saying my goodbyes but I was thankful to have the night to spend with my brothers family and two kids.  Unfortunately Kaylee got sick (we're thinking she must have eaten something she isn't used to) so we went and hung out with my parents for a little longer and got to see Coopers cousin, Sophie (their dog.)  Kaylee was feeling better so we went back to play with her and hang out with the family some more.  Kaylee even pooped on the potty for the first time ever while we were there.  It was a pretty big deal if you ask me! 

Monday we woke up and got to spend a few hours playing with the girls before my brother drove us to the airport.  Dropping the girls off at Daycare killed me. I am pretty sure the daycare lady thought I was a crazy person with how bad I was crying when I dropped Kaylee off but we'll be back in 2 months for Christmas so I have that to hang onto!

Awesome weekend, I was just so pumped up and happy to see everyone.  I got my fix of good food, family time, and just being around all that is familiar to me.  I really didn't realize exactly what it meant to "be home" but I realized this weekend what it meant.  There really is no place like home and  nothing quite like family. I felt like a whole new woman when I got back!  Love you all family and super big thanks to my parents, grandma and brother and his family for the hospitality and rides to the airport!  Can't wait to see you in two months.

Portillos Chopped Salad = Heaven

Reading to the girls - One of my favorite pictures of the weekend

Willow Creek - yeah it's a terrible pic but it still makes me smile! Love love love that church!

Family pic - wish it wasn't blurry!

With my parents :)

With the girl of the party!  Love you Kaityln...happy Baptism Day!! 

With the Godfather and prcious Kaitlyn

With my cousins, Karrie and Kristi
More reading time with Kaylee

Last feeding on Monday before we left - so in love!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I am so happy to have today off!  As I wrote earlier this week my friend was here and I picked her up on my way home from work and she was dropped off on Monday as I went to work and now this weekend we'll be in Illinois for my nieces baptism.  (YAY YAY YAY!!!)  I have been exhausted all week.  I wanted to get off Monday but couldn't find a sub until today so I took it!

I realized I really haven't had a day off (to myself) since I started my job and considering I haven't worked in so long I'm pleased with how well I adjusted to going back to work full time.  But with that said, I needed a day off!

I have a to do list a mile long today to make up for last weekend and pack for this weekend.  There's a lot of little things that have been pushed aside and I am ready to conquer them all today!  Happy day, happy day!  I love days off!  All I need to do is get through tomorrow at work and then I am heading back to Illinois and get to see entire family! And eat some really tasty food. ;-)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jolene Visits!

My friend, Jolene, made the trip to Colorado to visit us this past weekend!  She arrived on Friday so I was able to leave work a little early to pick her up. We came back to our place, dropped her stuff off and then went to get pedicures. Side note -- I loved how good of a job the girl did for me so I am pumped to go back! After our pedicures we came home to get Jason and then headed to the Irish pub down the street for dinner and drinks.  Another side note -- the bar had 312 which made me a very happy girl!  After spending some time catching up we went home and all watched a movie.

Saturday morning we got up early so we could go to the mountains.  I was extremely disappointed that it was cold, freezing rain and super foggy.  We could barely see a few feet in front of our car, let alone see the awesome mountain views.  Here I've been telling everyone that its been almost too sunny here every single day since I have moved and one of two days of her visiting it ends up being worse weather than Chicago!  But by the time we got into Breckenridge it has cleared up and was sunny! (Totally have God to thank for that since I had been praying and later learned it was still cold and gross back where we live!)  We went shopping to all the T-shirt shops and had lunch at Downstairs at Eric's (a new favorite of mine!)  We drove up the mountains for some pictures then around the reservoir and over the Continental Divide.  Saw some gorgeous views and that A-Basin is already making snow for the ski season!

After much planning and serious contemplation, Jolene and I finally decided to go to Olive Garden for dinner since that's "our thing!" :) Then Jason met up and drove us to Old Chicago for some cocktails.  Later that night we went back for a movie but I ended up going to bed while those two stayed up till 1:00!

Sunday we went to church and then to breakfast at The Waffle House.  Jolene was super excited to go and I hadn't been there but once when I was on Spring Break back in my college days.  Later in the day, Jolene cut and colored my hair and then cut Jason's.  We also went to Jack in the Box for Jolene which was also a first for Jason and I.  We took Cooper to the dog park and laid low. That night we had to watch Revenge. Not sure we got Jolene hooked but we'll see. ;-)

Monday morning I had to work and Jolene's flight was very early so Jason dropped her off at the airport for me so I wouldn't be late to work.  The weekend was lots of fun!  I'm thankful for Jolene's friendship the past 18 years and am thankful she was able to come visit!  Thanks Jolene and hope you enjoyed Colorado as much as it and we enjoyed having you!

Columbus Day

Yesterday was Columbus Day and for some odd reason Colorado doesn't let their students (and teachers) celebrate good ole Mr. Columbus.  But that isn't the point of this post.  Jason did get the day off and he was super amazing to me.  He woke up at 5:30 so he could take my friend to the airport so I could be on time to work. As if that wasn't enough, I came home from work to find out he had done all the laundry (and folded it, which we know I don't do...for weeks.) He washed and changed our sheets and had our dinner cooking in the crock pot!  Yeah..amazing, right?  We are usually on our own for dinner since I have Bible study on Monday nights so it was pretty awesome that I came home to all that and got to sit down to a nice dinner with him.  Oh, and if that wasn't enough...I got a card under my pillow which being that my love language is "words of affirmation"...is something that I absolutely love.  Thanks Jason for making me feel super loved and appreciated!  Love you lots!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wake up Time ;-)

So I think I've decided I want to work in an elementary school if for no other reason than the fact that they start at 9:00 instead of 7:00.  Seriously, 7am is just way way way too early to be to work.  That time better suits me as a "wake-up time"...not "be to work time."  Just sayin'.  ;-)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weeknight Girls Night

I had such great night. A friend from work invited me to a CAbi party which I am not the most fashionable girl ever plus if you know me at all you know I hate house parties.  Hate them. (that's a story for another time) But I was excited to go to meet people and just to spend some time with my co-worker (and get a taste of some great fashion to help my fashionably challenged self!)

It ended up being super fun!  She made a delicious sangria which I really really miss, there was great food and some wonderful people.  I even met her friend who just moved here two months ago from the west burbs (of Chicago) and is experiencing a lot of the same trials that I am in the move here.

Super fun night and I'm so thankful that I was invited to a wonderful night out! Thanks Tandy!

*As as side-note I have been to a few other parties and get-togethers the past few weeks and though I haven't had any time to write about them...THANK YOU all for the invites, it's really helped my transition here!

Political Parties

We got our voter registration cards in the mail today.  I laughed when I saw how obvious it is how different Jason and I are. We are opposites in many ways and politics are no different ..it's one in which we agree to disagree.  It's this time of year that it's hard to not talk about politics but we do a good job trying.