Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Meanderings

It's summer!  What excuse could I possibly have for not blogging in forever!? (I started this post on Wednesday and am trying to finish it today (Sunday!)  I haven't been to the pool yet this summer either, which really showed this past weekend when I was in shorts and my legs were super white! (Actually I went on Wednesday and enjoyed every second but still need to go again!) To catch up a little I thought I'd do a

Meanderings on...

ESY...I'm still loving it!  I only have another week left. I found out I have a training I need to be back early from Chicago to attend so I am leaving here a little early so missing the last two days of summer school.  I'm disappointed because it's that much fun but am also so relieved I found a sub so I can spend the same amount of time in Illinois! Some highlights of ESY have been roller skating, the (mini) water park and free pie Wednesday at Village Inn. Still to come is a tour of the small local airport, bowling and maybe a make-up tour of the local firehouse. FUN FUN! I am really going to miss the kids next week!

My trip back to Chicago... I am so excited!  Everything got all messed up when I had to change the dates and there's a few people I won't be able to see but I cannot wait to get back and see my family and spend a couple days at the lake and in Chicago! Portillo's will be my first stop and I have the normal list of places I'd like to eat. I really wish Jason was able to go back with me but he's travel schedule and then my work schedule didn't really allow us to drive and putting Cooper in daycare for a long amount of days isn't really an option. We'll see how I do being away from him for 2 weeks but for now I am oh so excited for my trip home one week from today!

Our trip to Iowa...Jason's dad's side of the family had a family reunion at his cousins in Sioux City.  While I think I do so so so much better in the country than I'd have ever thought possible there's plenty of room for improvement.  It was great to be able to see everyone and do some things we don't normally get to do here. Jason was able to shoot some guns (and even I shot two...which I did not like one bit!).  He got some quality time in with his cousins and we also got to spend some time with his mom and aunt who we stayed with. I went for a fun run on the country roads and learned that hills stink even when there is no elevation! I got to see about 15 kittens and tried taking about 5 home. (Jason wouldn't let me.) Cooper LOVED his cousins house. It had a huge back yard that he ran and ran and ran in, dogs for him to chase. Chickens for him to attempt to chase until he got in trouble, sand in the volleyball court to try to roll around in (again not allowed!) and a creek to dip into every time he got hot. The country dogs were allowed to eat rib bones so as many times as we told him he shouldn't have them he didn't listen. We think he vomited about 8 times later that evening. (They never listen!) After we got home we both felt like we needed another vacation after our vacation but thankful we were able to get back to see everyone and for me to meet many cousins I had only heard about.

The bonfire -- about 3 times the "normal bonfire!"

Coops new friends

one of the 3 litters - LOVE kittens!

Jason and his cousin Dan being country boys

My Saturday morning run

My Tomato plants...They're growing! I had a couple cherry tomatoes already last week. Can't wait until we can have a garden in our yard to really grow some veggies!

The Small Group...I'm still loving it!  Relationships are being formed and it's just so great to have friends here who I know I can count on.  The other day I thought my car might break down and Jason was out of town ad was like, "uh oh...what will I do?!" and it was so nice to know I had a few people I could call if I was really in a pinch!

New Nail Polish...I really really miss Chicago nail salons that have all the new Essie colors. I've always been more of an Essie girl over OPI or other brand but they barely have that brand here at salons and certainly don't have the new colors. I bought one I thought I like last week but am not a fan.  Now I've used it and it cost me $8 and I don't like it.  Oh the problems I have, right? Just saying I miss being able to try them out AND get a nice mani/pedi.

The New Car...I'm loving it! It's not my Accord but it's so much more practical. Think I'll enjoy it more the first time I am able to drive somewhere and not have to borrow Jason's car but am loving how practical it is for now. Jason's enjoying putting in a new radio and a few other things he enjoys.

Bocce Ball...Jason's step sister invited us to a Bocce Call tournament in Wash Park yesterday which was a blast!  Never played before so didn't know what to expect.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Thanks Jen and Grant for the invite!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Break - Teaching ESY

I'm teaching ESY (extended School Year) this summer so I don't really feel like I have much of a summer break at all but oh my gosh, I love teaching ESY!  I have high school kids with severe needs and am basically co-teaching with another teacher and we have about 8 or 9 TA's.  We go on field trips almost every day so it's more like summer camp for the kids but we're all having a blast.  We've been to the roller rink, mini water parks, outdoor mall, Wal-Mart, had a few days of cooking and crafts and many other adventures together. I only have two weeks left (we're off this week for the holiday) but it's so much fun!  Thankful for the extra income but especially thankful for the experience and the how much fun I am having with these kids!

New Car

Since we've moved to Colorado (more specifically the suburbs) I have been wanting/needing a new car.  I love love loved my Honda Accord Coupe.  That car has been through so much with me the past almost 8 years!  But there have been many times over the last few years where I have had to borrow Jason's SUV for one reason or another because of the lack of space aka backseat.

We went to an event where all the local dealerships brought all their used cars to the event.  As I shared about finances here, Jason and I knew we wanted to pay cash for a car and have been saving up since last May so we had a price in mind that we could spend and knew financing wasn't an option.  It made the car shopping that much harder but also that much easier too.  We thought we'd end up with a 4 door car or nothing at all but once seeing all the cars a few times we saw a Jeep Liberty that was in our price range and for whatever reason it jumped out at me.  After owning a Honda for the past 8 years and not having to do anything buy routine maintenance I was convinced I'd only buy foreign for the rest of my life.  Jeeps do not fit in that category.  As we researched we learned that they are known to last plus our plan is to continue to save so we can get the cars we want in the right timing.

After a long long day at the event we ended up trading in the Accord and getting the Jeep for what we were willing  to pay.  I literally had tears rolling down my cheeks giving up my Accord with so many memories but in reality I really need something a bit more practical.  I hope that someone else can get that Accord who will love and appreciate it as much as I did!

Cheers to new memories in my new Jeep!

I Got a Job!

I'm only about a month behind on blog posts!  I got a job a few weeks ago.  Beginning when jobs were being posted, I began applying to every single sever needs position in every district surrounding where we live (and many many LD positions too after subbing in middle schools and realizing I'd probably love that position for that age group).  I was called to many interviews and also had many second interviews.  After over amount of this it was getting exhausting. It sounds easy.  Get up, put a suit on and go answer 10-15 questions about something I love talking about.  But it was exhausting.  Most interviews had about 4-6 people interviewing me and I felt like I couldn't read their faces.  When I thought I would for sure get a call for a second interview, I wouldn't and when I didn't think I would, I would!  But no one was calling me with the offer.  I kept hearing that they went with someone with more experience.  How was I to get experience is no one will hire me?!

The one job that I applied for and was most excited for was a middle school position as the teacher for an autism classroom.  I was really excited for this position because it was the grade I wanted and the "type" of classroom.  The interview went great, it lasted about 45 minutes!  At the end I was told that they were going to be making a decision on next steps so asked that I wait in the office while they were discussing me.  After only about ten minutes (it felt like an hour) they came back out, called me back in and informally offered me the job!  I'm so excited!

I have already met two of my students and two of the TA's I'll be working with.  (they are at the same school where I'm teaching ESY).  I met with the outgoing teacher last week and went over some things she thought may be helpful for me to know. I also was part of the interviewing process for the additional TA.  I still don't know my official first day but know I have a training I need to come back from Chicago earlier than planned to attend so basically I don't have any summer left after my vacation home in a couple weeks.  Poor me. ;-)

I'm thrilled to start this new job!  God has been so faithful through this whole journey of me teaching special ed.  So excited to see what is in store for me in my first full year of teaching!