Friday, July 25, 2014

Lucas meets Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Jones and family!

Man it's been a long time! This summer has been nuts but so fun! Watching Lucas grow has definitely been the highlight if my summer so far. He is curious about everything and still such a happy, content, easy-going little guy!

We drove as a family to Sioux City Iowa for the 4th so Lucas could meet his great grandparents and Jason's side of the family. As always, the country challenges the city-girl in me but Each time I get more and more comfortable there. I'm thankful for the time we got to spend with Jason's family and it was a joy to see Lucas' great grandma's smile when she was with Luke! I'd say that Lucas may have done better on the very long car drive than me. It would be about 10 hours without stops. On the way there we left right at Lucas' bedtime and Jason drove straight through overnight. It worked well for all of us but especially Lucas. The only time Lucas wasn't asleep was when we stopped at Walmart and he woke up crying because he was very confused that he was in his car seat instead of his warm, quiet, dark, cozy crib! But the overnight trip did work nicely for the child who loves to sleep in his car seat! Jason does fine without sleep but I still worried about him staying awake that whole time. (Because that's what I do best...worry.) 

While there Lucas got to meet most of Jason's mom's side of the family so he got lots of attention! He got to meet horses, see farm cats and a farm dog. We all met Phil and Laura's newest addition to their family, a boxer named Macy. (Cooper especially enjoyed his new cousin!) Lucas also got to meet aunts, uncles and cousins on Jason's dad's side of the family. Cooper loves everything about Iowa, but especially all the space to run and that he gets to swim in the creek and the pool! We ate lots of good food (thanks Aunt Bonnie for always being such a great host opening your house for us and cooking every day!) and enjoyed lots of family time.

On the way home we left in the morning and it took us all day to get home but Lucas did wonderful! Slept on and off, ate when he needed to, peed when he needed, held off on pooping for the entire trip which I'm forever grateful for! Have I mentioned that he's just the most easy-going happy baby!? I did sit in back with him most of the trip because he gets bored easily but I ate up every second with him! It was also his 6 month birthday so we took some extra pictures. We read books Aunt Marcia and Uncle Curt bought him which helped the trip go faster. He was just the cutest little road tripper! 

Introductions to Great Grandma Jones!

Mini Cooper was very interested in Lucas...and would have liked him to leave.  But Lucas was so interested in him too!

Coopers new cousin, Macy!



Happy 4th of July!

Snuggles from Aunt Laura

Cuddles from Grandma Snowden

Playing with Uncle Phil

Take me for a ride Cooper!

Stealing some snuggles with my sweet baby!

Loving on Grandpa Snowden

Meeting Susan and Sydney

Uncle Curt snuggles

Cooper LOVES water

Love this kid so so much!

More swimming and chasing the ball!

Lucas trying to charm Aunt Marcia

Naked baby!! (it was hot and sticky!)

Playing with Carla

Thanks Aunt Bonnie for the wonderful hospitality!

Daddy's turn to sneak in some snuggles

Grandma giving a bottle!

Great grandma and Great grandpa Jones!


Aunt Laura and Uncle Phil

Aunt Dawn showing Luke the horses

Aunt Dawn loving!

Lucas is 6 months old today!  On our way back to Colorado

Rest stop number 1...he lost my pants due to a diaper leak

Celebrating the 4th of a July a couple days later all over again

so sleepy

I was ordering food from Wendy's and Jason and Lucas were waiting for me and I kept looking over and was just so excited that the little boy who was smiling and playing with his dad belonged to us.  It was the most surreal experience.  I just love him so much!

Another rest stop letting Lucas stretch his legs!

would be a super cute family pic but at the last second Lucas looked away...think he was saying he was done with pics for the weekend. ;-)

happy baby

home in his own bed, asleep and so content