Monday, May 12, 2014

Lucas Slept Through the Night!!!

On this 126th day of life, Lucas decided to sleep through the night!! Every single night I say, "if I could just get ONE night of uninterrupted sleep, I'd be so happy!" Woohoo, I got that night! I don't think i ever really believed it would happen! As a nursing mom it came with a painful consequence (extremely full, engorged breasts!) but at least I'm well rested! I feel like I could run a marathon with all this energy! 

*yes, all those exclamation points are needed! 

**yes, if he keeps this up I'll probably be posting in a week about how much I miss our middle-of-the-night feedings.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lucas is Dedicated to the Lord

Saturday, our baby boy was dedicated to the Lord.  Our church tried something new this year and had a separate service for the dedication and they chose to do it on a Saturday.  I loved that it was on Mothers Day weekend. I wish we were able to have our families there but it was a very special day none-the-less.

The dedication started with us singing songs of worship. ("Your Grace is Enough" and "How Great is our God") Then our pastor gave a message about how to raise our children in a healthy, Godly home which I thought I'd share here for Jason and I to reference:

1.) Put Jesus first
2.) Put our marriage second
3.) Be an example to Lucas
4.) Put worship over recreation (ex. church before sports on Sundays)
5.) To not make Lucas an idol (God and our marriage first...and our lives not revolving around our children...Pastor Mike said it a LOT better than I'm explaining!)

After the message we were called up individually to pray with a pastor and we prayed over Lucas and us as parents to raise him in a Godly home.

The event was wrapped up with more music ("I Wish by Rascal Flatts) then we took family pictures by a professional which I will post as soon as we get access to them.  I'm really hoping we got a good one! :)

We went out to celebrate for lunch with our dear friends, Jaimie and Jake and their 3 boys, Reid, Dawson and Eliah.  What a special day for our sweet boy!

The marbles are to represent the number of days we have before our children's 18th birthday and how each day truly makes a difference.  I love this!!! Each moment we spend with our children is so important but life gets in the way.  I love this visual reminder of how much each day truly makes a difference.

Lucas took a nice little nap before we started

Very excited that his turn was next

Blurry but thankful I asked someone to snap pics

Praying over Lucas and our family

Daddy love

Lunch with the Wolvertons's - snuggles with Jaimie

Family pic :)

Lucas is 4 Months!

This smiley baby turned 4 months on Tuesday!  He was super tired when we took these pics and he was still smiling and laughing through it. Cooper was (and has been) a major pain in my butt lately. (Bad, bad Jason and I really haven't walked him or given him the exercise he needs!) So Cooper wasn't in the pics this time because of his obnoxious behavior.  But we still love the Cooper pup! Lucas has been watching Cooper a lot lately. It's cute, if Cooper is around, Lucas just stares at him! I'll post a pic in next weeks update of Cooper watching over Lucas in the car.  They will certainly be buds when Lucas gets a little older!

Lucas first night in his crib :)

On April 14, Lucas went down for the first time in his crib. I snuck in and took this after putting him down. Yeah, not the best pic ever but I only wanted to take one and he didn't like the flash much in a dark room. :) I LOVE this boy!!

Lucas - 3 Months...a month late!!

Lucas turned 3 months! (oops a month ago!) It was the night before I went back to work so was too emotional and distracted that weekend to take pics and post. But I did take the pics then just forgot to post them! A month is the super cute 3 month old!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Lucas - Week 17

I'm caught up! On Monday Lucas turned 17 weeks, Tuesday he turned 4 months, wow! (Pics to come) He's growing so fast! It has been such a wonderful experience watching him grow. I cannot believe how literally every day brings out new in Lucas! Just one day passes and I feel like we see new things in him. New expressions, new giggles, more smiling, he's grabbing for objects, looking around so much more, interacts with Jason and I, loves watching Cooper and Sam...just so many changes each day! He's out of his 3 month clothes now, he has been for well over a week now. He talks and laughs constantly. When Jason or I look at him or talk to him he smiles really big. He loves being read to, and smiles through it and loves looking at the pictures. He is sleeping until around 2:00 or 3:00 every night, goes down consistently by 7:30. I am LOVING every second I can squeeze in with him! I wonder when he'll roll over for the first time. I said this I a very early post and then I bit my tongue because it changed almost the day after I posted it but he is such a super happy, easy baby right now! I'll enjoy it while it lasts! 

Brrr it got hold here this week!  Lucas sporting his new zip up from H&M

Looking like a tough guy...with a paci!

Morning time with me while I get ready - always smiling

If Lucas is in his rock n play, swing or bouncy seat he tries to sit up.  Cracks me up 

Ouch, I wish I could sleep like that and wake up fine!

Lucas' golf outfit minus the golf time

Walking Cooper

Practicing tummy time

Saturday morning with my boys! (Cooper and Sam were both on the bed too!!)

On our way to church

Before bedtime - I really love our bedtime routine, out time is so precious together!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stay at Home Mom soon!!

Only 16 work days left until I get to stay home with this guy 

permanently! I gave my notice at work a couple weeks ago that I will not be returning for the '14-'15 school year. I struggled with the decision since I have been called to work with kids with special needs but God's been working on my heart in another area to work with this population, just not in a school setting. (More to come on that later.) In addition, childcare takes most of my paycheck and my teaching job isn't a 9-5 kind of job! For now, I am so grateful I can spend a lot more time and all of my energy on my family and loving Lucas. Did I already say...only 16 more work days!? ;-) 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lucas - Week 16

I'm still behind on Lucas' updates but am getting close to being caught up. Here's a recap of week 16 with our sweet baby!

This was Lucas first week with a nanny, Bree. I think he had some adjusting to do as I was told that he was fussier than normal some days. We moved Lucas to his crib a couple weeks ago which he transitioned fine for his night sleeping but hasn't ever had to nap in his crib. So it's something Bree and I are trying to figure out. A non- napping baby = tired, fussy baby! 

I'm so so much happier having him home everyday. Our mornings are way more relaxed and while we don't have the nap thing figured out at least we're on the road to more of a routine. I love that he's getting way more individualized attention, being read to, taken on walks and more loved overall! I'm so thankful Jason and I are able to have a nanny instead of daycare for the remainder of the school year. 

Another huge milestone this week was that Lucas started going to childcare at church instead of hanging out with us. It was probably more of a milestone for me since I may have shed a couple tears (a little more than just my eyes watering). Generally during church I would sing the worship songs then take Lucas to the nursing room where I would listen to the sermon and feed him.  However, the last couple times he hasn't wanted to eat at that time and I've been really distracted by him.  It was hard for me to bring him to childcare, mostly because I loved our time together in the nursing room.  It was a super quiet place for us to sit and cuddle while listening to the sermon.  But that isn't what church is about and I know that so I had to do what was needed and put Lucas in childcare so I could focus on my time with the Lord.  But it wasn't easy! 

A pic Bree sent me during the day. Totally brightened my day to see him so happy and comfortable!! 


Look at those rolls!

Always happy after bath time

Fell asleep in my arms after eating before bedtime. We are so good about not doing that but I'm not gonna lie, I love every extra second of cuddle time I can get right now that I'm at work all day!

Looking more and more like Daddy as each day goes by!

Bree also sent me this pic while I was at work...ahhh he's just the sweetest!!

A look of innocence. And I can honestly say he's just the most innocent, sweetest little guy right now! 

Reading books with me before bed on Grandma Cookoo's blanket that we LOVE! 

Ready for bed after a bath - look at those  sleepy eyes!! 

Got this pic from Bree and seriously couldn't believe that was our son!! Like any baby he hates tummy time and with our weekends jam packed and nights he's generally eating or sleeping, there's not much time for tummy time. I can't believe she's gotten him to hold his head up like this!! I was so excited to see his progress!! He looks like a little person! 

Friday nights are my favorite! Hanging out with Jason and Lucas before dinner! 

My boys - and Lucas just loves his daddy!

Andrea's in town!! Lucas got to meet his Chicago friend! 

Playtime with Lucas after work

love love love you little, super happy Lucas!!