Friday, April 25, 2014

Lucas - 14 Weeks

I'm really behind on posting updates and honestly I don't even know what to write except that I absolutely hate being away from my sweet boy. Also this week Lucas started sleeping through a much longer stretch of the night, going down around 7:30 and sleeping until 2:00 or 3:00am! :) I will share the pics from each week and try to get caught up! 

First day back to work and leaving Lucas for the whole day.  He slept on his way to daycare

After work and me trying to get as much Lucas time in as possible

All smiles

Morning snuggle time is way less when we have to be fed, showered, dressed, packed and out the door by 7am...but we still got them in!

Before school/daycare 

Every time I would pick him up from daycare he would IMMEDIATELY fall asleep because he didn't sleep at all while there.  He just doesn't want to miss anything and there's lots to see at daycare! 

Changing his diaper is now a treat so I can spend time with him!

So happy in the morning and appreciative of our mornings together!

Dad's helping get him changed in the morning!

Om Wednesday I started going in at lunch time so I could feed him and get him to fall asleep.  As long as he was in my arms he would fall asleep! (oh so hard to go back to work after I go visit but worth every second!)

Happy to see his mama!

How Lucas felt when he found out I can't come visit him on Fridays!

Leaving Daycare on our first Friday - WE MADE IT!

On our way home, ready for the weekend - 2 1/2 days together !! can you not LOVE this boy!??  Thanks Aunt Shelby for the adorable outfit!

Pretty sure my face shows how excited I am to begin our weekend together!  LOVE our sweet boy!

Cooper also loves our sweet boy (though still really really jealous!)

Saturday morning snuggles are much longer and not so rushed 

so cute 


Getting ready in the morning taking my sweet time and talking with my baby

Monday, April 7, 2014


I survived my first day back to work and Lucas survived his first day of daycare. I had Jason drop him off and was so thankful he was able to do that for me. I knew I would have cried too hard after leaving him there. Plus it was nice to be ae to have extra time to get everything together for pumping and not be rushed. 

Surprisingly, work went fairly fast and I was pretty distracted. However I was ready to go home around 11:30 after our outing to the pool. There were a lot of kids and their moms there plus I had just been away from Lucas for long enough.

When I picked him up, I was seriously giddy with excitement! Then the stinker fell asleep almost the second I got him in the car. He barely skept or ate at all while at daycare. It was just as I had expected but was disappointed that I was right, especially when he'd normally sleep for about 5 hours of that time! Needless to say, he slept most of this evening which seriously bums me out. I missed him so much during the day that I didn't want him to sleep all night. I am just so in love with this boy!!

I loved all the cuddles I got tonight and am thankful for that. It's 8:45 and he's down for the night. I'm going to take advantage of this early evening and also go to bed. I'm so exhausted from the emotions and lack of sleep that I'm hoping tonight we'll get some much needed sleep! 

Thank you so so much to everyone who reached out today. I cannot believe all the support that I received from everyone through FB, emails and texts. I definitely felt your love and support and God's comfort today. Thank you so much for loving on me and Lucas!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lucas - Week 13

Lucas is 13 week tomorrow and 3 months old today!  This has been the fastest 13 weeks of my life and I have enjoyed every second. I am going back to work tomorrow and I am a wreck. I am hoping that tomorrow I will get through the day fine and laugh at myself when I think about how upset I've been leading up to tomorrow. This weekend we had Jason's brother and sister-in-law in town and I had the hardest time thinking about anything but having to leave Lucas at daycare and go back to work.  But it will be okay...all mom's who go back to work have to go through this and they all survived so so will I!  

This past week with Lucas has been interesting with all the emotions of going back to work plus Jason had to travel for work for the first time since Lucas was born so I was on my own with him. We kept busy though and ran lots of errands trying to get ready for this week and I tried to get the house as settled and cleaned as possible in preparation for our company and again for this week when I go back to work. I wanted to get some new clothes for work so we also hit up a few clothes stores.

I know I say this every update but he is getting such a fun little personality. He is smiling all the time, especially at Jason. It's just the cutest thing...whenever Jason walks in the room or starts talking to him, Lucas lights up and smiles for a long long time. It really melts my heart. He's looking around so much more and really attentive to everything. His schedule has been way off this week but he's still such a super happy baby (this week!).

Sweet boy I love you so very much and have enjoyed spending the past 13 weeks with you.  I've loved our morning snuggle time and getting to watch you grow!  I can't wait for June 3 when I can be home with you every day again for the summer! Love you!! 

Morning snuggle time but he fell asleep <3

MLB Opening Day - Cubs fan!!

Meeting Rebakah and Ian who visited while they were in town skiing

Getting ready in the morning...and he doesn't want to miss a thing

Happy happy boy

Wearing his Chicago shirt proudly - look at that belly!

Shopping at Target. my favorite shopping buddy!

Shopping can be exhasuting!

Nighttime snuggles


Meeting Uncle Phil!

Meeting Aunt Laura!


Matching shirts (yes I bought Lucas a shirt so he could match his daddy...and I think it's just way too cute!!!)

Love his cheeks!  The shirt...not so much! Its how he was dressed when I left Daddy in charge and his Aunt Laura and Uncle Phil were in town.  Will he be a Hawkeyes fan?!

Soapy and smiley during bath time!

Last snuggles before bed on last night before going back to work.  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Lucas - Week 12

As I shared last week, Lucas is definitely more into a routine now which I'm loving! My parents were still here through Tuesday so he got lots of cuddle time with my mom while I slept in. He's stopped eating every 3 hours during the day going for up to 6 hours at a time but his night feedings are still every 3 hours. If he wakes me at 1:00 am he is up again at 4:00 am. I really do look forward to the days he's sleeping for longer chunks of time at night! 

Also as with last week, his personality is just blossoming. It sounds weird to use the word blossoming with a boy but it's the best way to describe it! He is smiling so much more and engaging eye contact. He turns his head when he hears my voice or Jason's. He's also still such a cuddler. He's looking at the colors in books and toys and his eyes and head will follow them when I move them. He still loves his bath time which then makes me smile so big! 

This week he got his 2 month vaccinations. I had gone back and forth about getting him vaccinated but in the end felt it's what was best for him. He got three and after the first one, he literally smiled. Then after the second one he held his breath for a really long time. Then the third one he was flat out screaming. As with any mom, it broke my heart. I shared in his pain and shed some tears myself. It made me so thankful that he's a healthy boy and that medical procedures aren't something we have to experience often. The shots gave him a fever for about 48 hours and about 6 hours after he got them he was so uncomfortable, crying a cry I've never heard and nothing could comfort him. 

Thursday Lucas met my students and TA's at work. I had to go in to meet with my sub to attempt to get caught up on what's going on with my classroom before I go back to work. I would have had to go back this week but they're on spring break this week - I'm beyond thankful for an extra week off!  The kids were so cute meeting Lucas! They kept looking at Lucas, then my stomach then back at Lucas, trying to make the connection. They'd walk away a few minutes then come right back and sneak peaks of Luke. It was also nice to see how things were going back at work. Seeing the kids made me realize how much I missed them and why I teach kids with special needs. I just love these kids!

Friday night Jason and I went on our first date night leaving Lucas home with a babysitter. We found her off a few weeks before and loved her!! I'm sure she thought I was a spaz checking in after about 90 minutes but it was hard leaving him with a total stranger. But I trusted her completely and really believe it's important for us to go out on dates sans baby! (I think Jason would agree, we had a wonderful 3 hours together!) I was so excited to come home to him but he was sound asleep and didn't even notice we were gone. While I was slightly bummed  he was so oblivious to us being gone it was really good to see because it may make daycare a little easier on me. 

Grandpa stealing some cuddles in while I was still sleeping

Their last day...had to get some photos. Lucas and Grandpa

Lucas was as sad as us that they were leaving. Lots of tears were shed by all. But what a fun time we had together! Dad helped Jason with projects around the house and mom helped me with decorating the house.

After my parents left I found this bunny tucked in Lucas' car seat. Lucas' first stuffed animal! It's so soft and cuddly!

The day my parents left I was pretty emotional I needed a distraction so Lucas and I drove out to the outlets and shopped for his Easter shirt. While shopping we found this super cute hat. While trying it on I snapped a picture. Adorable, right? I agree...but not worth the sticker price!

The shirt says it all!

Cutest little puckered lips

In his pajamas ready for his first night with the babysitter!

Daddy snuggle time

Showing off his overalls from Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Dave

Finally a picture with my sweet boy! <3

So happy in the morning!