Saturday, January 31, 2015

First Haircut

He did so well!!! Loved when the music  in the movie played, he would dance, making it very hard for the stylist. The stylist was so good with him! Such a fun experience. Love these special moments with our little guy. 

We Have a Nephew!

Jason's brother and our sister in law had a baby boy, Parker Stephen on December 7. We were able to go visit and meet the little cutie a couple weeks ago. The drive to Des Moine is about 9 1/2 hours without stops so I was pretty nervous about the drive there and back with a little boy who hasn't been doing well on trips to Target or the grocery store! But Lucas did great BOTH ways and it was so fun seeing our sweet nephew! I'm so happy Lucas will have a boy cousin to play with and less than a year apart! They will surely get into cousin trouble and fun as they grow up together!

On our way just a few hours in...this boy is such a good traveler!

And so is this guy!! 

Stealing snuggles from Parker

Uncle Jason with his precious nephew

Lucas wants to be up and close with Parker

This boy wouldn't nap while there in a new place with all the noises down below...doesn't want to miss anything.  So Jason and I took turns holding him for his morning naps.  He slept like a rock in our arms and it was the best couple hours of my life.  He has never been a cuddler...always on the move. It was so precious!

Grandma and Grandpa Snowden came to visit too!

Cousins <3

We headed out a little early on Sunday to break up the drive.  Lucas loved the mirror at the hotel!

Only 6 hours left of the drive! (yes he wore this again...there were 3 diaper AND outfit changes in just 3 hours in!)

Lucas wanted to help unpack when we got home by unpacking his snacks. ;-)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bible Study

I have been praying about a Bible study for quite some time. When we moved here I did several different ones at different churches but wasn't finding one to really connect with. Then I finally got into a women's small group that started off great but we only twice a month and as quickly as we all meshed together, we fizzled as it was summer and it seemed no one could make it and it was canceled more more often than not. Then I learned that I was (finally) pregnant and life took off at full speed with a new job, and pregnancy followed by life with a newborn and a new house. In November I sent out an email to church inquiring about women's groups to only be told that my only option was on Tuesday mornings right during Lucas' nap time. (We are already committed to a play group that meets twice a month and MOPS which meets twice a month...both during morning nap time.) I really wanted to do a Bible study with a group because I need that accountability to start and finish a study, not to mention the other ways a small group helps me. I continued to pray and only a couple weeks later I was emailed by a friend from our play group asking if there was any interest in joining a Bible study on Monday nights! Yay, what an answer to prayer!

We met for the first time last night and are studying Bath Moore's "Children of the Day."  I am not a huge Beth Moore fan but think this one is one that I could really use. (funny how God does that.) If you know anything about me, you know where I'm at relationally with friends in my past but even more so since we've moved to Colorado.

I'm beyond excited to start this study with a group of wonderful women while enriching my relationship with God.  Such an answer to prayer!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Party, Lucas!

Lucas' first birthday party was last weekend on January 10 which was pretty special since it was my late grandpa's birthday too. We had about 25 friends plus kids help celebrate plus my parents drove in from Illinois to join the fun! It was such a special day! A big thanks to everyone who came and also to all our friends and family back home and all over the states who thought and prayed for Lucas on his birthday and for his party and sent gifts! Such a very fun day! 

After singing Happy birthday, patiently waiting for his cake

Happy 1st birthday little guy!!

Happy first birthday to the little love of my life!  Love this boy beyond words!

Exhausting day...time for a break

All ready for bed but still ready to party!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 1st birthday Lucas!

I have no words that could explain how much I love this sweet boy. Every day that goes by I say I could not love him any more, but then each day I'll fall more and more in love. Lucas is truly the happiest boy I've ever met. He is always smiling and laughing and so very rarely cries. He has started giving hugs in the past couple weeks which just melts our hearts. He even hugs Cooper...sometimes the cart when we're at Target or grocery shopping. I've even caught him hugging the floor. I'ts the cutest thing. He loves to rearrange our pantry...and the entire house for that matter. Drawers are emptied in split seconds. Laundry baskets are emptied, then climbed in. The animals water bow is immediately attended to when we accidentally leave them down. He climbs inside the dishwasher any second he can get. Empty's my purse if I dare leave it on the floor. Our bathroom has become his playground. Never thought a plunger and toilet brush could entertain a child like it does. (needless to say everything's been moved and the door is shut). He "barks" when Cooper barks and tries imitating our words when we talk. He is so interactive with us by copying everything we do.  His mind is a little sponge right now. While a trip to Target is tough because he grabs onto everything he can, it's so much fun to have him with me. He waves and smiles at everyone who makes eye contact with him (and won't stop waving which made for some awkward lines when they were long at Christmas time). He is just so much fun!!  I could go on and on...this kid is full of so much love and happiness it's contagious being around him! I love you sweet Lucas Jon.  How in the world did this year go by already?! So thankful for the 1 year old boy you've grown to be. I'm beyond excited and grateful for the years ahead with you! We love you!

We spiced up the monthly pics for his yearly birthday picture.  He had so much fun with these balloons!! this boy!

^^(Hugging the balloon!!)^^ ;-)