Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Grandma and Papa Visit!

And just like that, they're gone. That's how I feel right now. I blinked and they were here and gone. My parents came for a visit the past weekend. It wasn't really even a short visit but I feel like it went by so quickly!! Wasn't I just writing about that a couple weeks ago? Time is just going so fast and I can't get it to slow down! Apparently it's not just time with Lucas but life overall these days.

My parents arrived on Thursday afternoon just as Lucas was waking up. Boy was he excited to see Grandma, Papa and Sophie. I wish I could write out phonetically how he says they're names...its so cute. :) 

So we had a wonderful weekend together. Time spent with my mom is usually spent shopping, her helping me decorate our house since I have no decorative bone in me. But this time we also got to put together the nursery! We got a major snowstorm (somewhere around 20 inches over two days!) but fortunately the roads were clear enough for us to get out every day. My dad painted the nursery and did other jobs around the house that he thought needed "fixing up." We went out to dinner to celebrate my dads birthday, had a delicious dinner cooked by Jason one night, played games and watched a movie at night, Lucas got lots of Grandma and Papa time in and the dogs loved wrestling and playing in the snow every day. My mom, Luvas and I also went to The Wildlife Experince on their last morning here. It was a great time. I am so glad to have the nursery painted so we can figure out what we are going to do in there (that's a whole other subject...since we plan to use Lucas' furniture but he is still using it.)

It was a fun weekend together! Love how much we got accomplished but love the quality time together as much! Lucas was so in love with Grandma and Papa...he didn't take long naps and had the hardest time going to bed at night.  He didn't want to miss out on any time away from them.  Soon as he woke up he wanted Papa and Grandma (and Sophie). What a fun age for him and love that he enjoys spending time with them!

Thanks Mom and Dad for making the long drive out here so we could spend quality time together! And for all you did this weekend for us! We so appreciate it and love you!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Zoo Day

Yesterday Lucas and I went to the zoo. It was a much-needed outing for both of us.  Jason and him both came down with the flue a few weeks ago, And it hit them hard. I didn't get it for a few days but was going absolutely stir crazy being stuck inside with two sickies.  Then after a few days I ended up getting it too. But being that I'm pregnant my OB prescribed tamiflu. I still got it pretty bad and for over a week but I felt it still wasn't as bad as both Jason and Lucas. I had many pity parties that week, because I couldn't leave the house, I got nothing done, no laundry, cleaning, cooking. We were all pretty much in survival mode. I also felt sorry for us that we didn't have anyone to go get us our basic groceries (milk and bread.) I really wanted a couple Red Box movies but didn't have anyone to get them for us. Jason and I worked together those couple weeks, him taking days off work so he could heal then taking mornings off so I could sleep in. (obviously Lucas wasn't sleeping through the night making for very long, exhausting days when I was already sick.) It was just a rough couple weeks and when that happens to me, I tend to get caught up in the moment and think it's never going to end. But it did! Jason and Lucas are back to 100%. I'm still pretty weak and tired but think that's due to being pregnant while getting over the flu. Can I just say, I am so, so thankful for our otherwise good health? Getting so sick and for that long when all of us were stuck home unable to get out really made me appreciate how thankful I am for our good health. It was just the flu!  A couple weeks of having to lay low and not leave the house. Very eye opening on what I have taken for granted.

So getting back to the zoo. It was a windy, yet beautiful day for the zoo. Now that Lucas is starting to talk more, he was a lot more interactive and able to tell me what he wanted to do at the zoo. He loves animals as much (or even more) than me. The train was out of order which Lucas didn't seem to get, asking a hundred times to ride the train, but he enjoyed the carousel instead. He liked the giraffes so much this time that we had to go say goodbye to them before leaving. Very fun day with the little guy and so thankful for our good health! It was just what we needed to get back on track and back into our routine! And seriously, have I said how much I love this little boy?! Trying weeks it's been and many, many, whiny days filled with way too many meltdowns but oh my gosh he is a fun little kid!!

Duct tape really can be used to fix anything!  No idea what they're fixing on this poor camel but he's got duct tape all around him!! 

We spent a good 8 minutes just watching this elephant as Lucas made elephant noises!