Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be thankful for this year!  It's our first year in our new house, we have each other...and a healthy, super energetic, sweet 10 month old!  We are so blessed in so many ways and for that I am so thankful! Hope your day was wonderful!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another Facebook Break

I am taking a break from Facebook from Thanksgiving until the new year. It's a much needed break! Last night I actually read a magazine (a real paper magazine...not on my iPad) and it was so refreshing. Made me realize how much I am exposed to on Facebook and how much negativity there is on it. (Ferguson comes to mind this week, the political negativity from the elections in weeks prior). The magazine was mostly positive and uplifting! I wish I could deactivate FB completely for this break but I can't with my business page for my Jamberry business. But it will be deleted from my phone and I won't be checking my regular account at all. No more newsfeed...just saying that makes me want to leap for joy. I am so excited but also know it's going to be hard in the beginning. So long can catch me here or on Instagram or better yet let's chat on the phone or in person. :) 

10 Month and 3 Weeks

For the past week or so, Lucas has not wanted to nurse. He just decided he is done.  I've been struggling a bit because while a part of me if very ready to be done, a larger part of me is really not ready.  My goal was to nurse for 12 months or until his teeth came in and became an issue. He's not even 11 months yet and only has two bottom teeth that certainly aren't an issue.

I've been pumping the past week to try to trick my body into still producing but it's not been much use. This morning I tried pumping after he went down for his nap and when I was done, I spilled what very little bit I actually got.  I cried...hard.  It was a very clear sign to me that it was time to stop. It's causing more stress than it's worth and I have certainly given it my all! It's just such a disappointment when you really do give you heart and soul and then it has to come to an end before I was really ready.

I shed the tears but now it's time to move on. After Lucas wakes up, we are going bra shopping. (Thank God he won't remember this day, right?!)  I am going to get some fancy, pretty, fun colored, lacy bra and celebrate that I get my boobs back! It's the only way I am going to get through this turning it into something positive. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Wanted to add this video to here so I have it to watch down the road. It's so cute how well these two get along. They also play with a regular ball...Cooper will pick it up, show Lucas then walk across the room for Lucas to chase him, then he'll go over and get it before Lucas and start all over. Sammie also plays with Lucas, he'll let him chase him around in circles on our main floor, stopping long enough for Lucas to catch up then takes off again. Love that Lucas is growing up with animals!

Pumpkin Pie 5k

Whoops, thought I posted this a week ago!

Since I've been running with Cooper and Lucas lately and really trying to get into shape while losing some major pounds I figured it was time to register for a 5k.

I hadn't done an organized run since before Lucas as was born and while if only run a mile and a half up to this pain I figured I didn't have anything to lose.

It was a sleepless night with Lucas the night before and FREEZING 18 degrees with snow but I'm glad I stuck with it and ran. I'm so glad to be back running again! 

Before run...freezing and was sure I'd have to walk, unable to run the whole thing without the proper training!

Waiting to start

Trying not to slip on lots of ice

Imagining it's Lake Michigan ;-)

The home stretch...still running and haven't bit it on the ice! 

Finished!! (and then I froze my tail off on the walk back to my car.  I thought I'd never be warm again!  But still so glad I did it!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lucas is 10 Months (and a week!)

I cannot believe our baby boy is 10 months! TIME PLEASE SLOW DOWN! Loving every second with him! The past 6 weeks has been a little rough with him waking up every single night for 45 minutes to 2 hours but I'm pretty sure it's his teeth. This kid has such a fun little personality. He gets into EVERYTHING. He is all boy. Super rough and tough. Constantly moving and getting into everything possible. I keep saying, I wonder how long till we have our first trip to the ER. Everyone loves to tease me about keeping him in a bubble. There is NO keeping this kid in a bubble. On Monday I left him alone for 20 second (not kidding) and he was up 3 stairs! I then decided to see how far he would go (standing behind him so he couldn't fall) and he climbed up the entire flight with no support/help from me! Love this kid to pieces. LOVE him.

These pics are just awesome. They capture him so well. He won't sit still for even 2 seconds. This is the real Lucas...moving at all times and falling. LOVE!!!

Love you sweet boy!!

Jamberry Nail Consultant - wooohoooooo!!

Yes, I'm alive. I have been wanting to blog forever..I have so much to share. Life has been good.  Really good. But I've also been exhausted. Beyond tired and so busy! (I miss sleep!) Right about the time I was finding my stay at home mom groove and Lucas and I were finding out routine and life was just GOOD, I decided to mix things up a bit and become a Jamberry Nails Consultant. Then life got CRAZY busy. Honestly, has my life ever been anything but super busy?  No. So this is fitting. And now a couple months later and I am finally getting myself back into a routine back and finding balance again.

So about the Consultant's a lot of fun but I am LOVING the extra income it's bringing me, while also giving me something to do "outside of the house, while still being insides the house." :) It all started when I was invited to a Facebook party for Jamberry Nails.  I didn't pay any attention to the party because it was the week I went back to work coming off maternity leave. I was such a basket case then. I was exhausted and completely distracted being away from Lucas and trying to be the best teacher I could be. But I remember seeing something on my newsfeed about the party and I was interested but obviously too distracted. After a couple weeks I learned a little more and requested a sample. I've always LOVED having my nails done so it made perfect sense that I'd love the new trendy colors and designs! Once trying them, I was hooked! I figured if I loved them so much I may as well host a party so I could get lots of freebies. But if I was going to host a party, since I have a little extra time on my hands, why not just become a consultant and make a little money too!? The starter kit was only $99 so I didn't have that much to lose. I figured I could earn that back within my first party! (which I did) But what I didn't take into account was getting everything set up.  It didn't cost me much but it was very time consuming. Two months later I can say it was TOTALLY worth it. I've earned back more than all the money I have put into this, come out with lots of extra spending money and I've been having fun doing it! My team is fabulous, SO supportive.  I was put in touch with someone (Sarah) who lives local that I don't even know and she shared everything that she had to get me started. She didn't even know me!  She walked through my entire first Facebook party, checking in with me each day, encouraging me and answering my million questions.  SO thankful for her!!

I had to learn what works best for me and our family. I had to change the days and times of the parties I've hosted so I'm not taking any time away from Lucas. I'm learning what works and what doesn't. I can host as many or as few parties and I'd like and create my own schedule.  It's been a great experience. :)  If you're interested in learning more, let me know!  My facebook page is  And my webpage is

*pic is my latest them!