Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blue Apron Update

I posted on Instagram that we were going to try Blue Apron and a few people wanted to know what we thought so here we go!

We got three meals and all three didn't sound too appetizing but, of course we tried them anyway. The first night we made Roasted Cauliflower Panzanella. It took me about 40 minutes to make from start to finish and sending my husband to the grocery store for mayonnaise because for whatever reason we were out and I didn't see the little container from Blue Apron that already had it. I left off the almonds on my salad since I hate nuts but the salad was delicious! Mouthwatering goodness!  As I'm typing this, I want to have it again for dinner tonight. Jason agreed, that it was very good, and would eat it again. My only negatives was that it took me a long time to make, it wasn't a large portion and it didn't have any meat. But we both admitted afterwards that were we full and satisfied so we were impressed! And the ingredients include everything, even staple items!

Second meal was the mushroom & Poblano Pepper Quesadillas. I actually made them for a late lunch on Saturday because that's kind of our routine before church on Saturdays. Again, it took me a long time, over an hour to make from start to finish. Basically Lucas' entire nap was spent prepping, cooking and eating, so major negative there. The recipe was very easy to follow and super tasty! I'd never have thought radishes on my quesadilla would be good, but it was delicious. We were shocked at the portion size again but in the end were both satisfied and full! We both wanted meat again but agreed it was just as good without! Again, very impressed!

The last meal of the week was Kimchi & Barley Miso Ramen. I'll admit, Jason made this one while I entertained Lucas and got some laundry done. He told me it was an easy recipe to follow but again took about 45 minutes to make. The portion size on this one was HUGE, enough to feed 4 people easily, but also lacked meat. I had one bite and couldn't eat anymore, I hated it. Jason liked it and had all the leftovers for a couple days though!

So my end verdict is that we both really liked it a lot more than we thought. I loved the convenience of having the meals selected for me and not having to go to the grocery store to get the food. I tried new foods I wouldn't have ever thought to try. No food was wasted, they only send the portion you need. Which the portions were perfect sizes, probably even on the large size. Quite honestly I felt like I was dining at a fancy restaurant every night. However, we both like meat with our meals. And my only other real complaint is I was looking for an easier way to have dinner on the table every night. My time is too precious to me to take up to an hour on meal prep each afternoon/night. There seemed to be a lot of steps that I didn't appreciate enough (like shredding my own cheese or picking parsley leaves off the stems.) (but I also hate to cook, so I'd rather throw food in a crockpot.) I'd have LOVED Blue Apron before having kids, I'd have had the fanciest and tastiest dinners on the table each night but now I just don't have that much time. The only other thing I didn't like was that it doesn't get delivered until Wednesday. We almost always eat out or have date night on Friday nights and like I said, Saturdays we do an early, late lunch/early dinner before church, so the foods were delivered on dates that don't fit our schedule. I'd much rather have them come on Sunday or even Monday or Tuesday.

If you have the time to cook and are open to try new meals, I highly recommend Blue Apron.  We liked it enough to have it delivered a few more weeks.

Since it's taken me days to actually finish this post, I'll share that we had a major blizzard yesterday when we should have received our dinners. Because of the storm, there was no deliveries or mail. But I received an email from
blue Apron telling me it was being well cared for and would be here by today. And sure enough it was. I really appreciated their attentiveness (but now I have 3 meals to eat in about 4 days and it's almost the weekend when we typically eat out.) Also, I LOVE the menu for this week, two include meats! 

Another update is that the day of the blizzard our family came down with the flu and still have it. So we wasted all of last weeks meals. The menu looked delicious and I was so excited to try it it none of us were eating or had the end here to cook. So a huge waste of money on our part. Now next week Jason is traveling again and I was so sick the past week I didn't think to cancel next weeks so I guess Lucas and I will be eating fancy dinners each night next week! 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Today's Moment 3/24/16

I've been pretty good taking time out and cherishing the moment the past week! Not so good about posting but that's ok. Long as I'm cherishing the time with Lucas, that's the whole point for me.

Sadly he's been sick the past couple days. (Along with Jason, it's been fun times here in the Lockwood residence for a girl who goes stir crazy being home for just a few hours!!)

But my sweet boy is sleeping on me right now. He is the farthest thing from a cuddler so he is basically sprawled out over my lap, no cuddling for me! But I can't stop staring at him! And his little breaths, are just the sweetest! Baby's/kids are so peaceful when they sleep! Especially this one who never sits still, it's nice to have him sleep on me where I can watch him. And he has his super cute Christmas Jammie's on because he wanted/insisted on wearing his Santa pj's this morning. So stinking cute! 

Love, love this little boy. Being a stay at home mom is seriously getting harder every day, and the past couple days being stuck at home, isolated from the world with a clingy boy makes it even harder, but this moment right here...makes its ALL worth it. There's no place I'd rather be!! So thankful it's me who gets to hold him right now and love on him when he's sick!! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today's Moment

As I posted yesterday, I'm a super reflective person and need time to process and reflect on things. Times zipping by and Lucas is growing up so fast and the days are getting so busy I don't take the time to be reflective. I'm going to try to slow down time by enjoying a special moment each day then writing it down here or in my phone. 

Today's moment was when I had to move Lucas from his breathing treatment to the changing area to change his diaper. He was so engrossed in whatever he was doing on the iPad that he let me carry him and hug him. He rarely lets me carry him anywhere and it was a precious two minutes of cuddle time. So thankful for him and these moments! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Time Slow Down

I have been terrible at posting like I promised myself I would do this year. I think when I posted that last time, it was also the last time I was at the gym. Which in all fairness is because when I am pregnant, I am tried. All the time. And the last thing I would ever want to do is work out. I find it absolutely crazy that I just ran 13 miles in July. I cant even imagine WALKING one mile right now. Pregnancy just kicks my butt.

Anyway, as I was tucking Lucas in for his nap today and he was walking around in circles in his crib so I would kiss his head each time he walked around.This happens every day I put him down for a nap. But today I started to tear up. This is one of those many, tiny moments that happen during the day but only last about a week and will quickly be over. A year or maybe even months down the road, I won't remember that for a week we did this silly little ritual to get him to calm down enough for nap. How when we are supposed to be calming down for nap but instead every time he walks past me I kiss his little head, he busts out laughing and then I cant help but crack a smile which turns to a laugh so we are a step further behind in the "calming down" part. But you guys...these are the moments! These are the moments I live for! But life has been going so full speed that I haven't had time to cherish them.

My love language is words of affirmation. Jason is really awful at it, (sounds mean, but it's true) so I have encouraged him to write me silly love notes when he travels so I can find the throughout the morning once he's gone. I absolutely LOVE when he remembers and takes the time to do this. It builds me up for weeks!! Well this week he wrote one that said, Lucas loves you...even right now in the middle of this meltdown. And isn't that so true? I mean not so much about Lucas loving me...but that these moments, the super hard and trying moments when all I want is a moment to myself or not to have to deal with a temper tantrum...these are the moments I am going to miss because it is one big package. The meltdown and whiny moments mixed with the super cute, I just want to squeeze you and eat you up moments!

But sometimes for me, as a stay at home mom, it just gets to be a LOT. A lot of the same. Day in day out. Wake up, same routine all day long, then hit the hay exhausted and wake up to do it all over again. So I keep busy because Lucas does so much better out of the house and at play dates and with other kids (as do I!). It works for both of us. Yet, every single night I go to bed with a thankful heart because lately tings have been amazing. I couldn't ask for any more and I am not being cheesy or fake. Life is truly all I could ever ask for. At least right now, in this exact moment in my life. I've had many, many moments in the past couple months where God has made this very evident to me.So even with the same old, same old's our same old, and it's pretty amazing. I just need to find a happy medium of the hustle and bustle, go, go, go and being bored and lonely at home. How do I find this medium?

Lucas seems so grown up to me. He is not a little baby anymore, he's starting to talk a lot more, he has opinions on things, is very quick to tell us what he wants or doesn't want. But he is only 2! TWO!! He's still a little kid, a tiny little toddler! I know someday I will look back at all his pictures today and say, look at that baby face, just as I do with his infant pictures now. So now it's time to do something about it. I've very over committed right now and there's many things I have taken on and truly feel it's important to continue what I've started until it's complete. Or maybe it's my husband who feels that way?!  Either way I have another 6 weeks of this insanity. And in the meantime I hope I can find one part of each day to take the time to write down what one special thing. Whether it's here in the blog or just in my overcrowded notes in my phone. A purposeful time that makes me stop and think. To enjoy all the blessings around me and especially what a blessing Lucas and my family are to me. This kid isn't getting any smaller and time will keep moving forward, but hopefully I can get better at stopping and taking a moment to reflect on it all. So very thankful for these days!!