Monday, August 31, 2015

New Beginnings

I thrive with routines and now as a stay at home mom, I really thrive with routine. I was so excited for summer because of all the fun things it brings but especially extra sunlight, splash pads, half marathon training, outdoor park play dates and the obvious trip back to Chicago...just to name a few. But next weekend is Labor Day (how did that happen!?) and the temperatures finally starting to cool down this morning so I am so ready to start this fall off with some routine!

Last spring I was attending MOPS at the church we are currently attending. And without going into much detail something happened that really hurt my feelings, I mean really, really hurt my feelings. And while I was finding myself to be extremely insecure about this incident and over-analyzing all the reasons of why this particular thing was happening I felt God start to prompt me to take some other actions this summer to possibly find a new MOPS group. But as much as I had been hurt and tried to convince myself that I should listen to this prompting, it was extremely hard. I have made some awesome friends through MOPS and looked forward to seeing them every other week. I also keep hearing how this church has "the best MOPS program" and I loved all the speakers, service events and crafts that they have done. Seriously last year MOPS was such a very important key of success of my first year as a stay at home mom and I cannot imagine where I'd be as a mom without it. (at least I'd like to think the last year has been successful! ;-)) I'm not talking about just as a mom to Lucas, as that's a BIG piece of MOPS but also socially, introducing me to that group of women and friends that I'd been praying to meet since we'd moved here. MOPS has also been such a fabulous outlet for me, every other week with provided, trusted childcare so I can sit with other women and eat delicious (and I mean delicious!) food while we listen to a speaker who would usually bring me to tears then spend some more time in community with those same women and share whats going on in our lives. Oh and playdates too! It was wonderful!

As the summer days went on I began seeking out other MOPS groups. There were a lot but one that really caught my eye was just down the street and would be starting up their first year of MOPS. Honestly, this was terrifying...going from a big church with some 150ish women involved to some start up program but the more I prayed the more God told me to reach out to the leader then wait on him to see what this new program had for me. I didn't hear back from that leader most of the summer. I kept hearing God tell me to wait but it was so hard. I hate missing out on things! Plus my "old" MOPS was beginning registration and the buzz was all around registering for MOPS and what group you'd be in and who your table leader would be...but God kept telling me to wait. 

Beginning of August I finally heard from the leader. The MOPS group didn't have enough interest so they were not going to have MOPS but instead would have a Mom's group that would meet at the same time every other week with childcare but wouldn't be affiliated with MOPS. I was excited as I'd been praying about being a mom's small group leader in our area for our church and this seemed perfect but I have to admit, I was also crushed. What about my MOPS!? (are you sick of that word yet?!)

So I signed up for this group as I really felt God telling me this is where he wanted me but also felt like there was still a MOPS group out there for me. So I looked into MOPS back at the previous church but again kept hearing God say no. Wouldn't you know...I didn't even get a chance to decide what I wanted to do, Lucas was already registered for swim lessons the first few meetings when MOPS would start. Again, I was disappointed but also super excited to know this was clearly not the option for me this fall.  

So I, again, looked up other MOPS in the area and found one just down the street. I hadn't given this group much thought initially because I had heard that this group was nothing like my previous years group. So obviously I wasn't really interested but also felt God telling me to seek further. When I called the church I was led to a woman who was so incredibly welcoming and excited to have us show an interest. I've decided to give it a shot and registered that next next week. 

Since then, after much fear of the unknown and giving up what I know was a fun group, I've decided I need to clear my head of all expectations of what I want from both of these groups and just trust that God will provide what I need as a stay at home mom seeking other moms to do this journey of motherhood. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have two groups of women who meet every other week within just 4 miles of our house!! Instead of a 30 minute drive each way it's 5-10 minutes!

Lastly, my friend Ashley told me about the app "First 5" from Proverbs 31 Ministries. Its a short (5 minute) devotion to start out your morning and I've loved it! Then they have the option, if you want to go deeper, you can buy the study to go along with it! Since I am not getting the Bible study in either of these groups which I so need, I decided to purchase one and dig a little deeper into the study. The study begins today and I absolutely love it!! Its on the book of Genesis, which I have done one other study one in the past and have shied away other years but am excited to see how God can use this and me!

I'm so very excited about these new beginnings this fall. As excited as I am for routine, I am more excited to meet some new women and share this awesome motherhood journey with them while also keeping the great ones I've met over the past year. Cheers to new beginnings!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

July/August update (Way, way abbreviated!)

So it's been a while. I haven't written because we have been so busy with a million things going on and now I'm at the point where I don't even know where to pick back up!

We went to Illinois for a couple weeks and had a blast but it was also the trip from hell costing us about $1500 more than planned and just had a ton of mishaps. Numerous things happened like my cat started peeing everywhere in our house, my fish died, out topper flew open on our car while driving 70 mph, and those were only a few things. While I loved every minute of seeing friends and family, we were all so ready to be home and said we may never leave again. Just kidding...I'm sure we will but ugh, we were ready to be home!

I ran the half marathon which requires a whole separate post. It could be categorized with one of the mishaps of the trip back but to focus on the positive, wow, I ran 13.1 miles. And I cannot believe the support of friends and family who drove down there and supported me and met up with me afterwards!

My parents visited for a few days and we went to Red Rocks for their first concert there which was amazing.

It has been over 2 months since I've written so Lucas has changed tremendously!  I don't even have the words to explain how wonderful he was on our trip. Sleeping in many different places, driving about 3,000 miles with us, meeting and re-meeting so many different family members and friends. He is such a flexible, easy-going, awesome kid. So much energy and absolutely exhausts me but that kid is so much fun and goes with the flow!

We've been to a DMB concert which I have been looking forward to since spring. It was amazing. Exceeded all my expectations and so much more fun when I'm not pregnant! ;-)

We've made the Parker Farmers Market a weekly thing and I have really enjoyed tomatoes every week! Lucas loves that we go to the park after each visit too, One time we even went swimming afterwards. Lucas is such a little fish. Literally puts his face in the water then looks up and laughs to just do it again.

We have been to the splash pad numerous times, again, the kid loves water. We've found some really fun parks in the area and gone to the zoo a few times. We tried to have Lucas feed the giraffes but he was afraid! Lucas isn't afraid of anything, but I guess those ginormous animals with foot long tongues are kind of scary. Yay, our son does have a tiny bit of fear in him after all!

We spent a few days at my parents lake house...which actually should be up by our Illinois trip but going to the lake house is it's own little trip. I miss water so so so much, so it's my own little heaven being at the lake house.  It was also exhausting because we are on the lake and Lucas loves water. I was beyond worried about him at all times, but he was great about wearing the life jacket!

We've found out that it's likely Lucas will need glasses at a very early age.  I was so excited that he got my blue eyes, but I guess along with my blue eyes comes my terrible vision.  We will find out in about a year but the thought of him having to wear glasses as a child breaks my heart.  Although he's not really rough with anything so I'm sure he will wear them just fine, never needing replacements. ;-)

Lucas and I are still volunteering at the nursing home. I haven't felt like we are making much of a difference but God spoke to me in a way I haven't heard from him in a while and we are going to continue to visit weekly per his promptings.

Jen, Jason's step-sister and Grant came down for a visit a few weeks ago which was really nice! I love having family here and that Lucas gets to spend time with them too.

I may share further about this later but at the end of the MOPS season last year I felt God tugging at me to search elsewhere for a new group and through that and a long summer of prayers and the unknown, God has led me to a new Mom's group and a new MOPS group...both are just right down the street.  Its scary to be starting over with a whole new group of girls but also thrilling and the best part is being so close to home.  We will see what this season brings...but I am so excited to not be doing this Moms thing alone!

We went to Kenny Chesney too while he was here at Sports Authority Field.  Such a fun night!  Maybe a little too much fun! ;-)  So thankful for awesome babysitters we have so we still get to have many date nights! Love me some country music!

I still help plan the Mom's group I've been a part of since last October-ish. I absolutely love these girls and love that we can do this thing we call Motherhood together! I also love that Lucas has friends he can see every  other week and that we are able to have so much fun together with other moms and kids.

Lucas is awake so I have to jet...I hope to catch up more in the coming weeks and add pictures. I am so very thankful that I get to be Lucas' mom and get to watch him grow.  Also so thankful I get to be Jason's wife and for the life we are living here in Colorado. We have so much to be thankful for.

Love to all for now...