Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucas!!

Happy birthday to our Lucas Jon! His birthday was actually on Wednesday, but he's been really sick all week so we weren't able to celebrate.  Today he was finally feeling  better so we celebrated with some sugar cookies which are his favorite these days. I may have made them just so I could hear him say "cookie" because it is so stinking cute! We also opened gifts which he loved every single one!  Big thanks to our family who sent gifts, he loves his new chair, book, backpack, suitcase and water bottle. I knew he'd love all those but he REALLY loved them! He gets so excited about everything. I just fall in love with this boy every day.

We love you Lucas and are so thankful God has blessed us with you. Keep being your spunky, energetic, loving, caring, sweet, vibrant, challenging, cute little self. We wouldn't change a thing about you and are so proud of the boy your are becoming!!

His "smile" face

Walking with his new suitcase and backpack.

So excited!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016!

It's a new year so while I don't like to do resolutions I figured it was appropriate to make it a goal to start up the writing and blog again. It seems as each day passes, life just keeps speeding up and the days and weeks go faster. Lucas is turning two on Wednesday, TWO! How is this possible? Being that he was born the first day after Winter Break, I'm sure not a year will go by then I don't think about our last Winter Break as a family of two and just how much our lives changed after that two week break together. It was on my mind constantly the past two weeks how we were expecting Lucas to come at the end of January but then just after New Years our little bundle made his appearance. How was that already two years ago? Seems like last week, or maybe last month, but not last year!

But then when I really think about how much our lives have changed, how much my heart has exploded in size with love and just how much has really happened in the past two years, it feels like it's been  just that long. 

But I don't have much to show for it here. I keep up for a while but then we go on vacation or a bunch happens in a short time and I get overwhelmed with trying to write every detail and worry about who I might offend because I didn't have time to write about something they were involved in so I don't write. I used to write because it was therapeutic and helped me sort my thoughts, then it was a way to capture all I was seeing when I was laid off and not working, then it was for us to keep up with family after we moved across the country. But now I do it so I can look back at the memories that are going way too fast. So this year that's what I want to do, write when I have time, but try hard to capture the days that are passing way too fast! And please, please, don't be offended if I miss a big event that may have involved you! 

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone who may join back with me as I hope to write more this year!