Friday, May 22, 2015

Low Key Week - Lucas' 1st Ear Infection and Volunteering at the Nursing Home

Pretty low-key week we've had! Busy weekend with date night on Friday, then a birthday/going away party on Saturday.

 Sunday I ran 5 miles along the reservoir ans Jason brought Cooper and Lucas for a walk which made the run a lot more fun. It was way hillier than I had hoped...seriously is there anywhere that is flat in Colorado for me to get a good run in? I hate hills!

Monday Lucas woke up screaming/crying. He rarely cries and certainly doesn't cry longer than a few minutes so when he was inconsolable for over an hour I was very scared. I wish he could just talk and tell me what is wrong. Of course my mind imagined the worst. I took him to the doctor (his creaming the entire drive and even walking in to the waiting room.  Poor kid. After what felt like an eternity the doctor determined that he had a bad ear infection, possibly two. In addition his asthma was acting up so he was wheezing. She sent us home with Albuterol to add to his twice a day breathing treatments and some antibiotics and numbing drops. The numbing drops worked magic and he was literally smiling again as we left the office. Monday was a long day and Tuesday he was still under the weather at times but at least we knew what was wrong. I couldn't handle the heart just broke every time.

he is so good when he takes his breathing treatment, look how comfy he got!

he found his Super Man vest and insisted on wearing it

started his morning by emptying the diaper box and climbing in 

then went downstairs to climb in and out of the laundry basket, in and out, in and out, in and out...

 snack time

Thursday we finally went to the nursing home across the street. I have been hearing God tell me that I should go spend some time visiting with the residents at a nursing home. I filled out the application, had the background check and went for the interview.  Then the past couple months I've been scared to go. I just had this fear of the unknown and the ides of going into a place where I knew no one to just start up a conversation wasn't too appealing.  But after more prayer and knowing it was what God wants from me right now, Lucas and I went after nap yesterday. We met a nice lady who clearly wanted us to come chat and Lucas was so good! It was fun and I'm so glad we went. I look forward to what God has in store for us!

I'm really excited for Memorial Day weekend, extra family time! Sadly the weather has been terrible this week (I think we're on week number 3 of bad weather now?!) but we'll find some fun indoor activities. How is already Memorial Day weekend!? Time slow down!

Friday Night Date Night - Upstairs Circus

Last week I planned our date night at Upstairs Circus. A friend of mine, Dionna, had posted on Instagram a few months ago and ever since I chatted with her I've been wanting to go! Upstairs Circus has a bunch of different crafts you can make. They give you simple step by step instructions then you're able to make it your own! Jason made a six pack bottle holder and I made a nail art piece of Illinois to go in our bathroom to match our Chicago sports theme in the basement. We were so engrossed in our projects we barely talked but were able to go get a drink afterwards at a bar next door.  It was a really fun night and highly recommend it to anyone in the Denver area!  The staff was awesome, friendly and helpful!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mothers Day, Monkey Bizness and More

(Oops, I though I posted this on Friday!) Tonight is date night and I cannot wait! We try to have date night twice a month, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on what's going on with our life. Tonight we are going to Upstairs Circus in Denver to get our craft on. I've been wanting to go for a couple months and finally made reservations. Yay! Can't wait!

Last Friday Lucas got his third haircut. He was so good, loved wearing the "cape." We went much shorter this time and he looked like such a boy! Jason thinks he looks younger but I think it makes him look older. Either way, he needed one badly...I'm just so cheap, I hate spending money for a haircut. But there's no way I'm going near him with scissors or a razor. One of us would surely end up cut.

Saturday, Jason treated me to a "Mothers Day weekend" and took care of Lucas as much as he could all weekend. He got up with Lucas and I stayed in bed and eventually fell back asleep! Bliss! Then I got to go to the gym and ran on their track...the fastest 4 miles I've ever ran! Under 10 min miles. These days that is unheard of for me, especially at that distance. Love running on FLAT tracks! ;-) That afternoon our plans were canceled because of bad weather so we did an impromptu visit to a friend in our MOPS table's sons birthday party. Lucas loved playing with all their toys! We dendes up having to do church online because of the timing of the birthday party and church. Willow had a special service for moms/woman which was a nice little treat. We also got 10 inches of snow that night! Crazy!

Sunday I was able to go work out then get a massage! The massage was weird and not relaxing. Without going into details, I ended up getting a comp one in its place so I'm really looking forward to another (better) one! I love that Jason took care of Lucas for me so I could enjoy a morning to myself. Then that night we went out to dinner as a family. Always interesting (and loud) with Lucas!

Last year I took a pic on Mothers Day after my massage in his room so I tried taking another.  He is getting so big! Both of us in our PJ's all ready for bed. 

Jason had to travel this week but it wasn't his normal travel schedule. He left at 4am on Wednesday and is getting back this afternoon. Short and sweet but we missed him! Especially since Lucas had a rough weekt his week. He didn't sleep well at all this week and on Wednesday he woke up from his nap with a low fever. He's had a cough and clear runny nose to accompany the fever. He's been waking up screaming a few times at night so there were a lot of snuggles this week both in the middle of the night and during the day. Wednesday morning I just soaked up the snuggles as he slept on me for over an hour in the middle of the night. Usually I'd be so tired and out of it but for whatever reason I was alert so was able to enjoy every second of him sleeping on me. It was the best!! 

Wednesday morning we went to Monkey Bizness with Laura and the little girl she nannys for, Quinn. Quinn is only a month older than Lucas so they're cute together. Except when Lucas tries to hug her, she's not a fan of that. (He is big into hugging these days) Lucas loved Monkey Bizness, he was squealing with delight the first 10 minutes. He loved being able to run ALL over while I chased him. He had his first experience in a bounce house which he also loved. The whole morning was exhausting for me but seeing how happy he was was so worth the sweat! 

the hug ;-)

our little artist - he got more paint on the floor, hands and shirt than he did the paper. But he had fun!

playing with the big kids

Friday we had new windows put in (from the hail storm last fall) so Lucas, Cooper and I had to be out of the house all day. We went to the outlets for new shoes for Lucas. Then he was supposed to nap in the car but instead did a cat nap. Not cool for any of us! By the time we got home Jason was home from DC and the joy on Lucas' face when he saw his daddy is priceless. He is such a daddy's boy and it's the sweetest thing!! 

Thankful for a great week with Lucas and happy that Jason is back home. Looking forward to the weekend with those two! 

he is so snuggly now! always wants to sit on my lap, give hugs or lay on me. YAY! (excuse my look..I had just gotten home from a run!)

Trying to use my foam roller is quite a task with this one around. He was trying to roll on it when I did, rolled under it, beside it then took off running with it! LOVE him!!!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Monday Meanderings on Friday

I was just reading through my old blog (found here) and loved going down memory lane! Its why I started this blog in the first place! The purpose of my first blog was to capture all the things I was seeing when everyone else was at work. (since I had just been laid off).

Well, I just went two months without writing anything because I couldn't find the time...but these are the moments I want to remember and have to read back on forever! My precious moments with Lucas that I wish I could bottle up forever. It's going TOO fast!!  So I am going to pledge to myself to try to write at least once a week. Maybe a "Monday Meanderings" post but something to capture my time with him and Jason...and Cooper and Sam.

So while it's Friday, I am still going to kick this writing off!


On Jason's Mom and Mark's Visit -- They came in town from Iowa to visit for Marks, daughter, Jen's, (Lucas' aunt) celebration party of her passing all her tests for her CPA. The party was on Saturday in Longmont. We had a great time celebrating her achievements while sampling some local beers. Lucas had fun throwing rocks in the pond with his grandma! Congrats Jen! We are so proud of you and can't wait to see you more now that you'll have more time on your hands!

Judy and Mark were here through Tuesday afternoon. We ate out a few times, celebrated an early Mothers Day for Judy. We all went swimming, Jason and I took a few minutes to ourselves while Lucas swam with his grandparents to enjoy the hot tub.  The had a few races down their slides where I lost time and time again.  Judy also took me to Walmart to pick out some flowers as an early Mothers Day present. I don't really enjoy gardening but that is totally "her thing." So she helped pick out what works well here then spent hours on Tuesday planting them all for me.  She even surprised me with lots of herbs and explained how to take care of them! 

Lucas loved all the times spent with his grandparents! Thanks for the visit Judy and Mark!

On the Columbine Classic 4 Miler -- On Sunday I did a 4 mile race at the Aurora Reservoir. It sort of gave me my fix of being by water...well, not really. But as I run along side it I pretend that it does and take it in as much as I can! The run was super hilly and most of it was on a gravel trail so it was pretty tough. I was happy with my pace given the hills and it just encouraged me to try harder to get even better at those darn hills that are inevitable here. I absolutely love running, especially once it's over! There's nothing like a runners high!

So I'm not sure why it looks like I'm the last runner of hundreds!! 
There were people all around me the entire time!? Ha!

He loved the watermelon, even part of the rind! 

On Rain -- I feel like I'm back in Chicago.  It's been cold and rainy all week. Only difference from Chicago is that it;ll usually get sunny for a couple hours a day and dry up but for the most party its been gross out. Makes me so appreciate that we moved here and that this isn't the norm anymore. On the plus side...many of these storms have been thunder storms! Actual thunder and lightening, which we don't get often! I love a good storm!

On Lucas -- I've already shared about Lucas wanting to read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear," but it's been such a treat! Every morning her grabs the book and brings it to me to read to him on his rocking chair. Also in his playroom, hes been getting books off the bookshelf and bringing them to me, then backing up into me to sit on my lap to read.  I just barely get the book opened to the first page and he's already darted across the room but it still makes me so happy! He's been such a cuddler this week with me.  I mean, he's not a when I say cuddler, I mean he's sitting on my lap for a few seconds or wanting a few more hugs.  He also now gives kisses.  All he does is bring his face to yours but it's the cutest. Its unbelievable how much he understands. He doesn't talk much but he sure does understand!

On "PlayGroups" Playdate at our House -- Back in December I took over the planning of the playgroup that I was invited to back in August. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month, the first week at someones house, then the third week out and about. This week happened to be at my house. I love having people over and it's become even more joyful now with kids! We had a great time and the kids had just as much fun. I loved watching Lucas play with them especially since they were all his toys. How he shared or more like how he didn't share. Beyond thankful for this group and the time we get to spend together each month.

Happy Friday all! Have a great weekend!

Healthy Obsession - The Library

In my last update I said I was slightly obsessed with children's books. I am. Very obsessed. I even bought Lucas four more at a garage sale this morning. Four books for $2.50. Seriously how can I pass that up? I told Jason I cannot imagine what it'll be like if/when we have grandkids! Grandkids are meant to be spoiled and I love buying books. My children will have to buy our grandchildren an entire room to house all the books I plan to buy them!

So on that note, I am also slightly obsessed with the library and each time I go in there I learn more reasons to be obsessed. I shared a very long time ago here about my very first library card. The whole idea of a library was a pretty foreign concept to me until about 5 years ago. But the library offers soooooo much! They have lots of educational areas for Lucas to play which is a nice little break for us to get out. There's the obvious of books to check out but I've never been much of a reader. However, lately I've checked out some really good cookbooks. I absolutely love that I can get audiobooks on my phone for when I go running. FOR FREE. I've recently checked out a few magazines on my iPad, ones I wouldn't really want to subscribe to because who has time to read a magazine every month?! But how nice to just read one when I have the time or need some quick info. We checked out Chicago Fire on DVD.(Which, by the way is another obsession. If you're not already watching and want to get addicted to some drama-filled, mindless TV...I highly recommend it!) I've been wanting to watch that show since it came out but Jason wasn't into it. Now I'm unable to get it on Netflix so the only way I can get it is to pay On-Demand or buy the DVD's. Got it at the library. FOR FREE! Lucas and I would go to Story Time but I just shared last week how that doesn't work so well for Lucas at this time in his life. ;-) But the option is of the many amenities of the fabulous library! Oh and we get CDs for Lucas too! Yes, yes, I may be a dork because the library is not a new concept but it's just so convenient and I'm obsessed.

oh and yes...I'm well aware our tax dollars are paying for I may as well be using what we're already paying for and consider it free. It makes it more fun for me!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lucas Loves a Book!!

I'm obsessed with children's books. I think it's so important to read to children for so many reasons but I have to admit, I just love a good children's story! We own way too many children's books and I've been reading to Lucas every chance we can get since the day he was born. He's never shown an interest. I've found myself reading more books while he's doing laps around our house or talking over me. At bedtime when we read he's crawling all over me, turning on and off the heater, taking all the books off the bookshelf, knocking over the diaper pail. Anything except sitting and listening. I know he still gets some of the story and he's hearing words which will be beneficial so I continue but he's never shown an interest unless the books makes notice or is a "Touch and Feel."

Well last week he's taken an interest in "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" and the other two that go with it. Starting yesterday morning it's the first thing he went to after I got him out of his crib. He then went back to his crib to get Skip-It, his lovey, and walked the book and Skip-It to the rocking chair for me to read it to him like we do at night. Ahhhhhh!!!! My persistence has paid off! He points to all the animals and we are now working on learning colors and animals along with the sounds the make. My heart is full. So full!