Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our Scenic (country) Run

I found a path to run with Lucas that allows me to run a pretty long distance. It reminded me of the prairie path in Illinois. Not somewhere I'd usually enjoy running but I tried to enjoy the beauty of it! I also had some moments of clarity for me. It was a rough couple weeks of disappointment in something that I wanted pretty badly and my ego has been bruised a bit. But while I was running I realized I'm following Gods plan and trusting Him which is the most important thing I could ever be doing. I also thought it was pretty cool that I was "that mom" who was out pushing my son in a running stroller running on the path! I've always wanted to be an active mom but never thought I would be and here I for a half marathon with my little guy in tow. Unfortunately I look like I'm going to die when I run, especially when I push Lucas but instead I envisioned myself running freely with my little pony tail bouncing behind me and while Lucas smiled and giggled on the run. Whatever works, right? I have such an imagination. 

We passed a water fall!

We saw horses (and lots of dogs being walked)

And a huge tree!

And an even bigger tree!  I have realized how obsessed with trees I have become since moving here. One of the things I took for granted living in Illinois but I found some huge ones here in Colorado too!  Look at how big that base was!!

We made it 4.5 miles! He was bored after mile 1 but if I sang to him he was happy. So picture that, me barely able to breathe and singing the ABC's and Itsy Bitsy Spider 5oo times. Whatever keeps him happy!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Moms Night Out!

Tuesday night I planned a Mom's Night out for our Playgroup at Canvas and Cocktails. I haven't ever done one before and am not artistic at all!  Only one friend, Val. ended up coming but we had a blast and we got to talk a lot more than had it been a big group! It was so much fun and I really loved painting. Unfortunately my big flower got a little crazy but the experience was so much fun! Thanks Val for joining me!

Lucas' First Slide!

Every time I pick him up from childcare at the gym or church they tell me he's played on the slide the entire time. I had to get him one but I didn't want to pay a lot. I found one on Chraisglist that was perfect and he loves it. I have tons of video of him but not too many pics but I'm sure we'll have plenty moving forward!

Playgroup at Belleview Park

Wednesday our playgroup went to Belleview Park. What should have been a fun morning ended up being me chasing Lucas everywhere and his having meltdowns when I would n't let him run free or pet the dog he saw. It was an exhausting morning, to say the least. But he had fun while we were in the petting zoo. He loves animals so much!

So excited to be up this close to a pig!

Wanted to be much closer o the duck. He eventually threw his hat in there.

All the kiddos

Eating his first donut! 

Parker Days 2015

Last Sunday we went to Parker Days. They were supposed to have a petting zoo which I knew Lucas would love. But when we got there after looking fora long time we figured out they canceled the petting zoo but we still had a lot of fun! Things sure are different with a child in tow but he also makes life so much more fun!

LOVES corn on the cob

My boys

Had to wear my sunglasses (for 5 seconds)

Then had to wear his (for another 5 seconds)

June 6 - 20 ish Update

Jason has been traveling more than he's been since Lucas was born...a little more than once a month. Lucas climbed into Daddy's suitcase when he was packing

Watching Daddy leave for the airport...he waves and gets so excited when he waves back! 

I took Lucas to the splash pad and park behind our old apartment.  As we were playing in the open field it hit me how much we had prayed for a baby and a house.  Just seeing our balcony and our bedroom windows from the park while Lucas ran around almost brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful for what God has done in our lives here in Colorado. I am beyond thankful for Lucas and our house.

We have had ongoing construction outside of our house...they're doing something with the sewage lines. I'm so thankful it doesn't affect Lucas' nap times or at night because it is LOUD. It has really affected me, taking me a long time to fall asleep and then I usually wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep.  I'm so over it! 

Lucas and I met Ava, Sarah's daughter for the first time. Lucas ran around the entire time not allowing me any time to talk with Sarah but when I tried to get their picture Ava went in for several kisses.  Lucas didn't know what to do! It was hilarious and precious! Such a sweet, and pretty girl! Wish they didn't live in Texas!

Eating at Qdoba. This kid loved the quac and licked it off his quesadilla, then kept asking for more!

Big boy getting up on the chair by himself in the morning

He loves his dog.

Just taking the kitchen mat for a few walks around our house

Coloring, he is a pro. I was impressed with how well he did. It was lot of fun until he ate the blue crayon when I said no. Our fun ended in a meltdown.

Moved his frog next to the window then climbed on top to get a better view of outside

I turn around to this...him sitting in his car seat with my sunglasses on.

Someone loves pizza

No idea...this happens often. Its tough being 17 months!

Superman is in the house!!

Seriously, are those not the cutest PJ's!?  Grandma Cindy and Papa bought them for Lucas and while he's not aware that there's a cape on his back, I think it's hilarious!  It comes off for when he sleeps but then I put it back on in the morning and he runs around our house with the cape on his back. Absolutely hilarious!

Cooper LOVES the dog park and water!

Another rough morning (keeping it real folks!)

It was a hot one!!

Someone got a hair cut!

I had jury duty on Tuesday morning (the trial got canceled after a few hours so I wasn't called) but by the time I got home there was no way I could get my run in so we went in the afternoon.  It was cloudy and perfect running weather, until we go tout of the car and it was 84 degrees with the Colorado sun beating down. I thought I was going to die...but we survived! Apparently sitting in the stroller made him very thirsty!