Friday, February 27, 2015

My Heart is so Full! Mom Visits for a Birthday Celebration!

This week has been one of the best I've had in a while!  It was my birthday AND my mom visited which was SO needed.

Back in November, the week before Thanksgiving, my mom was supposed to visit for a few days. We had been to Chicago back in August for her birthday party and a wedding in Kentucky and when we left Chicago, saying goodbye to her was bearable because we knew she'd be back in November. Well the night before she was to arrive, I got a text saying she had slipped on ice and her ankle was throbbing...she was hoping she'd still be able to make it the next day. I immediately knew she wasn't going to be able to make it and sure enough, she had a very bad break, needing surgery 3 days later. When this had all happened I was extremely disappointed about her not being able to come but my caring for her and feeling so badly for her and all the pain she had along with the inconveniences of a broken ankle way outweighed my own selfish sadness. I just wished I had been able to go home to see her and help her get better.

Well the holidays came and went and with each passing day I was getting more and more sad missing her. It was like I had this void the past couple months. While I'm ever so slowly getting friends here in Colorado and its slowly becoming more and more like "home" and not seeing my mom was just such a blow.

In early January, my parents were able to come to help celebrate Lucas' 1st birthday party and it was such a great few days having them here! However, the party prepping took over a lot of the time they were here and then obviously the party itself was an all day event. Then a couple days after the party I got sick so while their visit was still really great, it wasn't much one on one quality time that I would have loved to have. The day they pulled out of our driveway I was literally sobbing I was so sad and already missing them.  I cried for several days after...I still felt so alone and sad.

A few weeks ago Jason found out he was going to have to travel the week of my birthday. While I am way too old to still love celebrating my birthday, I can't help it...I love my birthday! So I was pretty bummed he was going to be gone. The weeks he travel are super lonely and this was my birthday! What would I do all day, then night? At least if I was working every day I'd be interacting with people, But as a stay at home mom it's isolating even if you have a bunch of great friends! Jason (feeling bad and being the awesome husband that he is) suggested me either go to Chicago for the week or for my mom to come here. After some thought and prayer (and checking the forecast in Chicago several times ;-)), it worked out for my mom to come here for a few days. I was ecstatic...but wouldn't allow myself to get too excited until she was physically standing in front of me.

She arrived on Tuesday (my birthday) and Lucas and I picked her up from the airport. My mom had to be up extremely early for her flight so we planned a low key day around Lucas' nap schedule...did some shopping, lots of talking and then she cooked me one of my favorite meals she makes, finished with a movie. Wednesday we did some more shopping, lots more talking and decorating our of house then that evening got a babysitter so we could go out for a nice dinner to celebrate my birthday. (It's a family tradition to go out to a nice dinner on our birthdays.) Yesterday we finished up some shopping, more talking and got lots of playtime in with Lucas and another movie.

This morning we took her to the airport and sent her off back to Chicago but my heart is so full! Between her and my dad being here for Lucas' birthday and these extra days this week, it was all I needed!! Of course I shed some tears but I feel so filled up. We talked and talked and talked all week long. She helped me decorate our house a little more and we got some much Lucas time in...time that can never be taken away from us. I love that Lucas knew exactly who she was when we saw her at the airport and each morning would stick his head down our cat door to the basement where my mom sleeps calling for her to come upstairs each morning. It is so incredibly hard to be away from family when you live 1,000 mile apart but these little unplanned, sporadic trips make life so much easier. Plus, now my other half is back in town and we have the whole weekend together with Lucas...and the birthday festivities get to continue tonight with him!

my favorite meal my mom makes - chop suey...delicious!

Lucas loved playing with Grandma...especially when she put the toys on her head and it fell off ;-)

What a surprise...waking up from a nap and Grandma was there to get him instead of me!

climbing on Grandma's suitcase before we left

Cooper getting in some last snuggles on our way to the airport - Lucas loved having her in the backseat keeping him company

Last hug before sending her off to the gate

Thank you Mom so much for changing you schedule to be here this week with us! We had so much fun with you! Love you!