Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lucas - Week 6

Lucas is 6 weeks old! I'm so thankful I'm taking an extra 6 weeks (unpaid) off from work. I can't imagine having to go back to work this week. Not only for the obvious of not wanting to leave him but also I'm personally just not ready. I'm still up and awake for large amounts of time at night and we're still developing a routine during the day. I feel like if I went back to with this week I'd hardly be able to function with the lack of sleep. 

We interviewed a nanny this week who we both really liked. We had 3 set up but one canceled because she found another job and the other just never showed up. (Who does that?!) I'm going to check out our school districts daycare later this week as well.

Breastfeeding has become a little bit of a challenge. It's become pretty painful. I'm pretty sure it's because of his latch, it's going to be hard to break whatever bad habit we've gotten into. I've been trying to fix the issue on my own but have been unsuccessful so I'm looking into meeting with a lactation consultant but they cost a lot!

The house is coming along but extremely slowly. Jason and I mastered the art of packing over the last couple years with our short term move in Chicago then our big move to Colorado. However all of our skills went out the door when we found out we were closing a month earlier than planned and then wanted to be in our house the day we closed. We basically packed boxes with anything that fit with no real system or organization. So now the unpacking is messy and unorganized. Having an infant who wants to be held A LOT doesn't really allow me to get much unpacking done. Saturday, Jason and a few friends helped him get the last truck load of everything at our apartment loaded up and brought to the house. Pause for a HUGE thank you to Jake, Josh and Nate for helping him get everything here and unloaded!! Thank you Jason too for all you did to get everything packed, moved and in its place in the new house!! They were all amazing! Jason and I went back that night and packed up all the remaining odds and ends and cleaned out the refrigerator then cleaned and vacuumed the apartment. While I was very emotional leaving there I'm so thankful to have it completely empty and cleaned! I hope to post on that soon but man did we make some sweet memories in that apartment. So much has changed in two years, God certainly had blessed us in so many ways!!

Lucas is still changing so much! He's even more alert than last week. He's making the cutest faces at us. He's no longer a super easy baby, he is a bit more fussy than before requiring us to hold him generally for a few hours in the morning/afternoon then again right before bed. He's now only waking twice in the middle if the night which I so appreciate! One around 2:00 then not again until 5ish so technically the second one is morning. ;-) His 3 month clothes are just fitting him, I'm not sure how much more time time we'll get out of them, especially his 3 month sleepers. Newborn sized diapers are too small and size 1 are huge. If anyone has any tips on what I'm supposed to do about that I'd appreciate it! I'm still not supposed to go out of the house (because of flu season) for a couple more weeks but we broke that rule. I took him to his first (of many I'm sure) trip to Target! I avoided all people as much as possible but wow it was so nice to be out. Then on Valentines Day Jason and I went to one of our favorite low-key sushi places. Lucas slept through our whole date!  Sadly the sushi didn't sit well with him and gave him a few blow-out diapers that night. So no more sushi for this mama for a while! What a fun week with our sweet little boy!  I'm loving every minute with him!

Wearing his big boy clothes! He looks so much older in pants instead of sleepers! 

Waving "hi!" (I LOVE our mornings together!!!)

How can you not love this baby?


Getting a quick snuggle from Daddy on his lunch break!

I didn't get a pic of him on his first outing to Target but this was on our way! Thanks Jeanie and Ed for the jacket!! 

Cooper is supposed to be in the way back but while in Target he broke free and snuck up front.  He's looks so cute sitting next to Lucas keeping an eye on him while we drive home. :)  

This was Lucas while we ate our sushi and had our date night. Asleep the entire time! And ps...this was his Valentines Day outfit since I went to dress him and realized that since I wasn't allowed out, he didn't have a cute little Valentines outfit.  The vest is his only red piece of clothing.  I thought it was perfect!  Very boy-ish...not to love-y. :)

Posing for the ladies (and his grandma's) on Valentines Day! 

One of the many onesies that was made for Lucas at my baby shower. This one by Andrea "My heart belongs to Chicago (Chicago flag).  I cannot wait for Lucas to see my favorite city!!

Lucas wearing the very first outfit that was given to him but Grandma Cindy and Papa (Dave)  He looks so precious!

Lucas sleeping at night in his super over-sized sleep sack.  I hate the nights of waking up every 2-4 hours but looking over at this sweet face makes it all soooooo worth it! Love you Baby Lucas!


  1. I figured Andrea made that onesie before I read it! Enjoy your time with Lucas...thankfully summer will be around the corner when you head back.

  2. My lac consultant charged $100 for a 1.5 hr in home consultation. Any emails, phone calls and texts after that were free. I used to call her weekly with questions. It was one of the best investments I made. PM me on FB if you want her info - not sure if she can go out to your area, but she might.

    I'd use the size 1 diapers. He'll grow into them soon.