Friday, July 21, 2017

On a Search for Prairie Dogs!

While watching Wild Kratts with Lucas, I got the idea to take Lucas and Gracelyn to see some prairie dogs the other day. I didn't take into account that it was about 95 degrees and not a cloud in sight but we had a lot of fun on our walk. Lucas thought it was fun for him to spot them on his own and tip toe up to them to see how close he could get. I love how much he loves animals! It was also fun because we went behind our old apartment so there were tons of memories flooding in on our walk. My, how life has changed since we lived there! Afterwards we went to the park to swing and climb. This girl will swing all day long. No matter how long I let her swing she cries when I take her out.
He wanted to hold her hand.

 "Look Mom!"

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